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Subject:RE: Calpine Energy Services, LP
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This is complete. These deals have been moved previously. Thanks.

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Subject: Calpine Energy Services, LP

Per the terms of the 11/14/01 Master Netting Agreement, the following contracts are terminated effective 12/30/01.

K#96056886, 12/1/00 Enfolio Master Purchase/Sale Firm Agreement
K#96035737, 12/27/99 Power Bilateral Agreement (Master Energy Purchase/Sale Agreement)
K#96038365, 10/20/99 ISDA Master Agreement

Attached are the outstanding (12/1/01 forward) Financial Transactions listed in TAGG for Calpine Energy Services, LP (shortname = CALPINEENESER)

<< File: Calpine Tagg deal Listing (Outstanding deals 12-1-01 forward).xls <<

TAGG did not show any outstanding Physical deals for CALPINEENESER