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Date:Thu, 3 Jan 2002 11:30:55 -0800 (PST)

nice. real impressive.

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from tim blanchard:

You gotta love LSU fans. My brother told me a story of an Illinois fan who was bitching and moaning in the bathroom over his team's performance (and the fact that playing in the Superdome equates to a home game for LSU - which is funny considering that the 20,000 fans that did show up in the dome would be considered a sellout in Champaign.) Several Tiger fans jumped in the guys face, told him that Illinois sucks at every sport, called him a p---y, and took his orange shakers from his pocket, threw them into the urinal and pissed on them. All to the delight of tens of Tiger fans yelling "Tiger Bait." It could be the same fans that called Illinois Coach Ron Turner's room and yelled the same the night before the game.

given your love (jealousy) of LSU fans, i thought you'd find this amusing...