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Date:Thu, 11 Oct 2001 11:34:21 -0700 (PDT)

I too am a little worried about the outcome on Saturday. I am bringing two friends that are University of Texas Alums and am just hoping to show them a good time and what true tailgating is all about.

There will be including myself 7 adults and my 3 year old son. Is that too many? Please let me know. Everyone is extremely exciting and my son is now to the age that he will really enjoy it. Last year we always took him on game day to see the raptors and he was kind of interested, but now he really enjoys animals.

Thanks again for all of your help arranging this trip. Please also let me know again when the scholarship dinner is going to be held, I am sure some of my family would really enjoy attending. Thanks see you at Chuck's.

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I'm planning on it. In fact, I talked with Joe Shelnutt a little while ago
and reminded him I'm bringing you guys out there after 1 pm.

If you want, I can plan to meet you at Chuck's at 12:15 Friday. How many
in your party?


PS...After watching us the past 2 games and watching UF against LSU, I
revise my earlier prediction and now am thinking it is not going to be