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I hope it is not Woody, Vandy sucked at offense and defense. He is horrible and I would hope we would go after somebody else. We need to get someone in there soon so they can put the offense/defense in and the players can start studying it to get a head start on next year. I am afraid if Tubby doesn't turn it around next year he may be gone.

I got a digital camera for Christmas that works real well, I will get some pictures to you.

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To read the articles about Auburn, Tubberville says HE made the decision
they should go. Yeah, right! I'm sure he was told by Lowder that
either they went or he did. So, they were given the opportunity to
resign, and both chose to do so. There's already 3 or 4 candidates to
replace each. They expect to have the offensive guy in the next 2
weeks. Maybe a little longer for the defense. Only remember 1 name:
Woody Weidenhofer from Vandy for offense. Can't say that I've ever
heard of the others.

Oh well, we'll see how it all pans out.

Thanks for the address. I'll send the picture soon.


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sorry Pop, I forgot to send this to you. My home email is
plove@houston.rr.com. Talk to you this weekend. I heard Auburn got
rid of Off and Def coordinator. We will see if that changes anything.

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