Enron Mail

Subject:Response for President Walker
Cc:alove@houston.rr.com, dlove8847@aol.com
Bcc:alove@houston.rr.com, dlove8847@aol.com
Date:Wed, 7 Nov 2001 06:46:19 -0800 (PST)

Please pass on the sentiments of at least 3 Auburn Alumni. The students that appear in the pictures from Halloween dressed in racial costumes should be immediately expelled from the University and their respective fraternities should be permanently removed from campus. We also think that PartyPics.com should be disciplined and removed from the vendor list for the University. Auburn University and it's related organizations should not contribute money to organizations that are willing to take pictures of such insulting behavior and try and profit from them by selling them to disgusting human beings that would participate in such offensive behavior.

As graduates of Auburn University and Athletic and Academic Scholarship donors, we are appalled by these students behavior and demand immediate action be taken against them. The longer this issue is not dealt with, the worse our University looks in the eyes of the world. Please take action and help save Auburn's reputation. Thanks for your assistance.

The Love Family
Dianne, Ashley and Phillip
Class of 69',71',93'