Enron Mail

Subject:cancel service
Date:Thu, 3 Jan 2002 13:08:49 -0800 (PST)

I have tried to contact you guys three times today and have been on hold each time at least 20 minutes. I cancelled my service with you over a month ago and asked that you keep from sending me a bill. My service was cancelled immediately and I was told I would receive a bill from you and I would then have to call and dispute the bill to have my account credited. I asked at that time since I had waited on hold that time for 30 minutes that this matter be taken care of immediately so that I would not have to call back and sit on hold again for half an hour. Your customer service manager, very rudely I might add, said that was impossible and I would just have to do it anyway. Since I have had to wait on hold today for so long I want this email to serve as my dispute and have my account closed and the balance due removed since you terminated my service and I did not get the use of my phone.

Just a word of advice, I would hire more customer service representatives if you plan on keeping customer to serve. This is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had with a company and I will make sure all of my colleagues and friends know of this experience. I understand that you don't really care about giving good customer service to your ex customers, but I assure you make a fatal error when you assume those people will not share there experience with current and future potential customers.

Phillip Love
Acct. Number 00W-80016440
Mobile # 713-204-9164