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Subject:RE: Note
Date:Mon, 17 Dec 2001 11:55:33 -0800 (PST)

Hi Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write. Life is not good here at Enron. I have been asked to stay on until the company I work for is sold. I have been told I will be a part of the new company in it's proposed format. Many things can change between now and then and I am very skeptical as the company has told so many lies to so many people. It was so sad the day they let all those people go. I felt sad and guilty because I still had a job. Dick's company has basically been shut down. He was asked to stay on as a key person to help close down the business. His job will eventually end but we have no time frame. I know you are probably wondering about our financial situation. We had sold all our Enron stock in our 401K some time ago so we have done ok.
It is so wonderful that you will get to see everyone sometime during the holidays. Please tell them hello and MERRY CHRISTMAS. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Michele is disappointed we are not coming home for Christmas but Dick is on call and he wants to work as long as possible. He keeps saying he is going to retire but I think he will get bored and end up going back to work especially if I am still working. I wish I could say more but for so long now our lives have been consumed with being part of the biggest bankrupcy in history and it has become very depressing. Take care.

All our love.

P.S. Next time I write I promise to be more upbeat.
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Dear Andy,
Have been reading about the troubles at Enron, hope this hasn't affected your job.
Are you and Dick going to Omaha for Christmas? Lisa, Billy and Madison will be here on the 23rd and stay for about a week. Steve, Lenora and the boys can't come until the week after Christmas. It's a very busy time of year for Steve, at work.
Lori, Jeff and their families will be here as usual.
Did you have a good Thanksgiving? We had a nice quiet day, just Lori, Jeff and their families. Lisa and Billy stayed in Austin this year as it has been a very busy football season for them.
Jeff and Marsha are back together and seem to be getting along very well. They got a new puppy last week. It's an 11 week old female, yellow Labrador. They named her Gypsy. She is really cute but is going to get pretty big. Oh well, not my problem.
Hope this finds you and Dick doing well.
Love, Aunt Mary Lou
P.S. Uncle Bob sends his love.
P.P.S. Come see us anytime!!!!