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Subject:Re: FW: Angus AnyWhere
Date:Fri, 15 Dec 2000 05:24:00 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Brannen, Enron's Vice President of Corporate Administration would be the
individual that you would speak with regarding our facility issues. His
contact information follows:

William R. Donovan (Bill)

Thank you.

Bill Brannen <BBrannen@angus-group.com< on 12/15/2000 11:11:38 AM
To: jeff.skilling@enron.com

Subject: FW: Angus AnyWhere

Here is the brochure.

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To: 'jeff.skilling@enron.com'
Subject: Angus AnyWhere

Dear Jeff,

A few months ago we talked about me working for Enron. I am a long time
friend of John Miller...golfing and social...imagine that.

Though we did not find a position for me in your company things have gone
quite well. I now have opened an office for Angus Systems Group in Atlanta.

Jeff...your company does a lot of facility stuff and our company is the
expert in web based applications for properties for work requests and
preventive maintenance. Could you give me the name of the person in your
company that I could show our applications to?

Here is a little about our company and a brochure on a web, wireless and
paperless Tenant Request (work order) solution.

H.H.Angus and Associates is our "mother" company. www.hhangus.com I work
< with Angus Systems Group Limited www.angus-group.com Our experience in
< property management is second to none. For 81 years we have designed
< buildings. 25 years ago we put Angus employees in buildings to manage
< them...just like you do. For 20+ years we have been designing software
< for property managers. The last 3 years we have been developing and
the web based products called Angus AnyWhere. We are the ASP. Quite
simply we
are a web,wireless and paperless work order solutions company....designed
< especially for Property Management.

Jeff...you really need to look at what we do. We are in fact the industry
leaders in systems that could do the whole of North America for your

Happy Holidays,


I will tell Miller (the married man) that we are trying...somehow..some way
to do some business.

Bill Brannen
VP Sales and Marketing
Angus Systems Group, Inc. - Atlanta
2050 Marconi Drive
Suite 125
Alpharetta,GA 30005
770-521-5998 FAX
678-641-7697 Cell

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