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Subject:Re: Harvard Forum 05/18/01 - Second Invite
Date:Mon, 14 May 2001 00:55:00 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff Skilling is unable to attend.

Thank you,
Joannie Williamson

Dottie Kerr <dottie@kerr-solutions.com< on 05/12/2001 05:17:57 PM
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Subject: Harvard Forum 05/18/01 - Second Invite

There are only a few available spaces at the upcoming Harvard Forum. Don't
miss this new and exciting event. Make your reservations today. See
meeting details below.

Harvard University Club of Houston - Harvard Forum
=01&Raising Children of Character in A World of Affluence=018
Dinner and Discussion Club

Join us for a new type of Harvard Club experience. Ever wanted to talk
substantively about a topic, while having a great dinner, but were afraid
that your dinner guests would not be able to go the distance with you in
the conversation? We have the solution.

Modeled after a format that members David and Anne Grizzle and Danguole
Spakevicius and William Altman have been enjoying for years, the Harvard
Forum will provide an opportunity for an extended conversation with fellow
club members.

The format works like this: we=01,ll have dinner, and then a panel of Harv=
grads will give brief introductions to the evening=01,s topic from their
perspective, and then we will all engage the topic for ourselves, first in
a large group and then in small groups. The panel members will be
knowledgeable, but not so expert that anyone will be intimidated. They
will, however, be provocative to assure that the subsequent conversation is
lively. You will come away knowing your fellow club members better than
ever - maybe better than you ever wanted.

The topic we=01,ve picked is one with which many of us have struggled. Our
children may be growing up in a world far more affluent - privileged - than
we enjoyed. How imperiled is their character by our success? What
practical steps can we take to insure that we pass along to them the
character values that we treasure?

We plan to schedule a Harvard Forum every quarter.

Because of the format, attendance is limited. Please respond as indicated

When: Friday, May 18, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Briar Club, 2603 Timmons (East Briar Room)
Cost: $35.00 per person

Reservations: Email dottie@kerr-solutions.com or call 281/424-3084
(Payment must be made at time of reservation by credit card or mailing
check to 3413 Cobblestone Lane, Baytown, TX 77521-1956.)

For further information, contact David Grizzle (david_grizzle@yahoo.com or
713-324-2966) or Danguole Spakevicius (danguole@fempartners.com or

Dottie Kerr (harvardclub@kerr-solutions.com)
Administrator for Harvard Club of Houston