Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Webley - Telephone Assistant
Date:Tue, 20 Jun 2000 01:32:00 -0700 (PDT)

Per our phone conversation, you may cancel this service for Jeff Skilling.
Thanks, SRS

Kischa Gipson
06/20/2000 08:09 AM
To: Bill White/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Brenda Foresee/Enron Communications@Enron
Communications, Chris Glaas/LON/ECT@ECT, Chris Mahoney/LON/ECT@ECT, Dayne
Relihan/Enron Communications@Enron Communications, Diane Hetzel/Enron
Communications@Enron Communications, Don Schroeder/HOU/ECT@ECT, Jeff
Skilling/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Jim Gearhart/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Jim
Goughary/HOU/ECT@ECT, Jim Williams/Enron Communications@Enron Communications,
John Chismar/SIN/ECT@ECT, John Noland/ET&S/Enron@ENRON, John
Sieckman/Corp/Enron@ENRON, John Thomas/Enron@Gateway, Kenny Burroughs/Enron
Communications@Enron Communications, Matt Petersan/Enron Communications@Enron
Communications, Niamh Clarke/LON/ECT@ECT, Nicole Gilson/Enron
Communications@Enron Communications, Penny Crane/Enron Communications@Enron
Communications, Philippe A Bibi/HOU/ECT@ECT, Randy Matson/Corp/Enron@ENRON,
Ross Koller/LON/ECT@ECT, Sheryl Lara/Enron Communications@Enron Communications

Subject: Webley - Telephone Assistant

Since I have been processing the Webley invoices over the last 3 months I've
have noticed that many of you don't have any or only have very little usage
on your accounts. The purpose of this e-mail is to see how many of you want
to keep your telephone assistant services and who wants to discontinue the
service, since most of the Webley charges are only service charges and very
little or no usage.

Kischa Gipson