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Date:Tue, 27 Jun 2000 00:14:00 -0700 (PDT)

Pre-FOMC and the market is, to quote Joe Cocker, "Feelin' Alright". The Dow
Industrials shot up over100 points in the morning and hovered there to close
up over 135. The Nasdaq followed suit in the morning, came in in the
afternoon, and rose again in the last hour to close up over 65. The street
liked the MO NA deal - MO (Philip Morris) up over 15%; NA (Nabisco Holdings)
also in the green - lots of the food stocks joined the party - HNZ (HJ
Heinz), DOL (Dole Food), DLM (Del Monte Foods), KBL (Keebler Foods) and RAL
(Ralston Purina) all closed in the green. President Clinton mid-day
celebration of the completion of the Human Genome mapping had mixed results
for the space - CRA (PE CP Celera) down over 12, BGEN (Biogen Inc) down over
4, PDLI (Protein Design) down over 14 while GENE (Genome Therapy), AMGN
(Amgen Corp), DNA (Genentech) and IMNX (Immunex) all closed up...Things
weren't very chipper with INTC (Intel), MOT (Motorola) and AMD (Advanced
Micro Devices) all closing in the red - guess that Celeron news was abit of
a yawn. But it wasn't all grim in tech with ORCL (Oracle), SUNW (Sun
Microsystems), CA (Computer Associates), AAPL (Apple Computer) all up over
4% and MSFT (Microsoft), DELL (Dell) and IBM up over 2%. There were a couple
of tech blow ups with INKT (Inktomi) down over 25 on news that YHOO (Yahoo)
isn't using there search engine for the main site anymore - in addition HLIT
(Harmonic Inc) pre-announced negatively after the close and is trading down
25% in after hours. In the CEUT Universe - CTAC* (1800 Contacts) continues
the climb - up over 2.... BWAY* (Breakaway Solutions) down over 3 1/2...
PSEM* (Pericom Semiconductors) down over 3, ZRAN* (Zoran Corp) up 5... CATT
(Catapult Communications) up over 10%... JDSU* (JDS Uniphase) up over 2, NT*
(Nortel Networks) up over 3... ANCR* (Ancor Communications) up over 3, NTAP*
(Network Appliance) up over 5, PRCM* (Procom Tech Inc) up over 3... PROX*
(Proxim) up over 2 and GOAM* (Goamerica) up over 2 (over 16%) on the day and
continuing to rise in after hours after announcing a deal with HWP
(Hewlett-Packard) to use their tech. - Jason Tsai was very bullish on both
these names in the morning meeting.... MERQ* (Mercury Interactive) down
almost 3, MUSE* (Micromuse) up over 9, VRTS (Veritas Software) up
3...GILTF* (Gilat Satellite) up over 2, GMH* (General Motors H) down over 4,
LLL* (3-L Communications) down over 1 1/2, PGTV+ (Pegasus) up over 2... SIMG
(Silicon Image) up over 3.... WCII (Winstar Communications) down over
2......... In IPOland - lots coming Tues. - Click Commerce (CKCM) b 2 b e-
commerce for manufacturing co. - priced mid-range; Marvell Tech (MRVL) -
circuits for comm. markets - priced mid-range; Stratos Lightwave (STLW)
broadband optical components - priced above range; eFunds Corp. (EFDS)
-electronic debit payment - priced below range/ General feeling is no hike
now but who knows come August.

European Regulators nix WCOM, FON deal.

Webvan buys Homegrocer.

Ariba buys SupplierMarket.com

Liberty Media joins MSFT to offer high speed access in Japan.

Loudcloud - Marc Andreessen's new venture to aid co.s going to net - gets
$120 million in new funding.

Dow Jones - following NY Times in holding off on net tracking stock (market

Lycos - buys MetroSplash owner of Matchmaker.com.

COM21 - broadband access systems - buys BitCom Inc. engineering firm.

ATHM (Excite@Home) - new click video service - broadband app to show video
content (Atom Films, Mondo Media, Bloomberg, iFilm.....) has animated host
"Baily" - girl next door.

DCLK - more privacy concerns - collected data on people going to government
anti - drug site.

MobileLogic (mobile data producer) - buys Katahdin consulting - strategic
tech services provider.

page 1 WSJ - post mortum on Boo.com

VSAT+ - addition to army contract.

WSJ Heard - AMZN* - how much is it really worth?

AETH - wireless data service deal with MSFT.

NPIX - revenue shortfall.

Q replaces US West in S&P 500.

Scient down 20% as customer goes bankrupt.

Freeserve - down over 15% on Deut T news.

Consumer Union - doesn't like T purchase of MediaOne.

Palm - expansion slot on new models - gadgets coming soon (like

INTC - worldwide e-commerce testing labs/ expansion in Israel.

Dell - online service to small and med. business - do your e-mail and
purchasing services with us.

Mattel - selling Cyber Patrol (net filtering).

eMotion - $34 million round (dig. media management).

Italy's Bipop buying Germany's Entruim - formation of Pan-European online

YHOO - over 4% stake in ChinaTimes.com

NNDS (soft for pay tv) - software for settop box which monitors your viewing
habits - could customize programming for viewer.

VC Fund Emicom Group - $57 million VC fund for Israeli telecom and net co.
(main US Investor is Divine Inter Ventures also Charles Wang of CA).

First Union - dumping Money Store.

US Judge to hacker Mitnick - no lecture tour - column must be surpervised.

E*Trade - deal with Cahoot (IM software).

C. E. Unterberg Towbin: Bill Dering marketing in Boston/ Futurelink Roadshow
in San Diego-LA/ Infovista NY-Lunch.

There is talk: GTW for MUEI?/ MAIL - good news coming?/

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