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Subject:Betas all cleaned up and looking pretty
Date:Mon, 2 Oct 2000 16:50:00 -0700 (PDT)

The first mark of a Beta will be his Beta Spirit.....
Here are a few pictures you might enjoy.? The brothers are all dressed up,
so it must have been a "spring formal" or something... but who can remember
back a quarter century?? Are the guys that were not wearing ties practicing
the proverbial "Beta no date-a"?
The 5 Betas are Jeff Skilling, Tom McSoley, Rene Molina, Rob Bugh and Chuck
Peterson.? Check out Bugh - looks like he's posing for GQ.
The 15 Betas are standing L-R:? Singleton, Shackleton, Anderson, McSoley,
Thompson, Molina, Baddour, Bugh, Zaremba, Skilling, Stewart, Peeler.? In
front L-R: Wengierski, Peterson, Mannino.
Jansson_Big Bend - Bill Jansson "piloting" down the Rio Grande on spring
break mere months after the release of the inspiring movie "Deliverance."?
Those sure are pretty lips..... squeal like a pig....you know the rest.
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- 5 betas.bmp
- 15 betas.bmp
- Jansson_Big Bend.bmp