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Date:Sun, 28 Jan 2001 00:08:00 -0800 (PST)

Dad and Mom,
Hope Mom and Sue's trip to Florida went well, and that there were no problems
with things like getting the correct change, etc.? I've heard that there is
a?counting problem down there, with everyone using?different standards and
then being stopped from doing the counting altogether.? Makes a lot
of?trouble if all you want is a six-pack (of pop, that is) to go!
And Tom and Jeff's time in DC?
About the excess symbols that you all are getting in my email; Hotmail (i.e.
Microsoft) recently added a more sophisitcated "Microsoft Word"-like program,
and I suspect that Dad's computer needs a special program to filter out all
the "infra-structure" stuff.? And guess what, (I suspect) Microsoft sells
such a program.
All goes well.? Its cold here, but nothing like Chicago.? For example, it
will go below freezing at night occasionally, hovering around the low forties
mid-day.? Little wetness this year, which a problem given ?a shortage of
electricity and the low water levels in the hydroelectric system.??
My boss turning out to be a?bit of a egomaniac.? He fired three people, in a
huff about some little thing, over the phone on Friday (two support staff,
one lawyer).??The lawyer, admittedly, was a joke, the?others?no great shakes
(though, they were?as good as we've got).??The manner of their demise,
however,?was inappropriate.??I could tell you more.? For example, I
often?suggest that we hire more experienced lawyers, expecially given the
stuff he has me saying in our promo materials (and the prices we charge).? He
demures, saying that experienced attorneys have "bad habits" (like, perhaps,
experience?; and I guess he would thus include me amongst those with "bad
habits").? I suspect the real reason he feels this way is?that he doesn't
want to be second guessed.? Still (though I am starting to second guess him
more and more) he treats me well, all in all.? (One particularly ann! oying
thing is that he?likes to remind me how the "Americans" are giving lots of
money to the Islamic fundamentalists here and doing many other things to keep
Turkey weak, for?the most part extreme, absurd claims.)? I will at least stay
on for the experience and the material?(I could write a book about the guy,
though few would believe it), and to be?able to continue work on Spot On.
More later.? Sorry for the ragging session, but we all need one from time to
time.? Right?
Write often!

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