Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Drive Increased Profits with Vignette's eBusiness Platform
Date:Mon, 8 Jan 2001 04:34:00 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Dale, thank you for your interest in Enron. I have forwarded your email
to Louise Kitchen, President & CEO of Enron Networks, for her review.

Thank you,
Katherine Brown
Executive Assistant
Office of the President & COO

"David Dale" <ddale@vignette.com< on 01/05/2001 09:26:32 AM
To: jeff.skilling@enron.com

Subject: Drive Increased Profits with Vignette's eBusiness Platform

Enron Corp
Jeffrey Skilling

Dear Jeffrey,

I'm writing in regards to your online strategy and in particular how you plan
to build and scale your emerging online business and relationships.
E-Business Relationships can mean a lot of things. At it's core, it is
understanding the needs of your customers, partners, and employees
(collectively, your Business Community), and getting the right content to the
right person to generate the greatest impact in the most timely and effective
manner possible.

Strong e-Relationships increase retention rates, conversion rates and drive
long term loyalty. The idea is to make the internet your Business
Communities' preferred channel for completing a transaction that is being
offered, whether that is completing a support call, buying a product,
registering for an event or service, enabling partner success, managing an
account, training, or just acquiring information.

As Enron Corp looks ahead, it is important to continue to better understand
who your Business Community are and in turn build online relationships with
them. Studies have shown that companies spend five times more on attracting
new customers than on retaining the customers they have. Attracting new
employees can cost 10 times more than retaining existing employees, and in
the energy business your reputation with your partners is critical to your

Vignette is the undisputed leader in Value Chain and eRelationship Management
with the most robust platform, applications and services offerings in the
industry. With over 1200 customers, Vignette is helping our customers
create, manage and automate their online relationships. The Vignette
Platform enables our customers to manage and automate the flow of information
from their back office to their front office, from their suppliers to their
customers, partners, and employees and all the way through eMarketplaces and

Some examples of value we deliver to our customers include:

- Portals - Reliant Energy, Shell Oil, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE),
Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, C/Net,
ICQ, Industry Standard, iWon, United Airlines
- Knowledge Management - Encyclopedia Britannica, AMA, NotHarvard, Click2Learn
- Customer Self-service - 3Com, On Semiconductor, Bank One, Compaq, First
- eCommerce - FuelQuest, DownStream Energy, Land's End, Ingram Micro,
- Partner Enablement - National Semiconductor, Compaq, AMD, NASD, Deutsche
- Online Learning - Epic Learning, Family Education Center, NotHarvard
- Syndicated Business Network - National Semiconductor
- Data Mining & Analysis- Amazon, Seagate
- Back Office Integration & Partner Exchanges- ExxonMobil, Grainger,
AltaVista, Honda, Coca-Cola

I have included a case study done on Royal Dutch Shell that I think you will
find informative as well as relevant to your business. Over the next few
weeks, you will receive a more detailed information packet from Vignette.


I am part of a team that works with central region major accounts focusing on
energy companies. My partner Mike Potter and I would like to talk with you
and your team regarding your current eBusiness initiatives and your future
plans. Mike or I will be following up with you. Thanks again for your time,
and I'll be in touch.


David Dale
Energy Sales Team
Vignette Corporation
512-306-4931 Ph.
512-306-4500 Fax