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Dad and mom,

As for my Cyprus trip, I flew into Lafkosia, the Turkish controlled half of
a town that the Greeks call Nicosia (which is probably the name that shows
up on the map). From there went to a town called Maras (Greek name Varosha)
on the east coast. Actually stayed in the contiguous town named Gazimagusa
(Famagusta to the Greeks). (Just the name confusion suggests some pretty
deep problems on Cyprus, doesn't it.) Have been working on an piece about
Maras for the last few days. Think its a winner. Maras has been a ghost
town since the Turkish "peace operation" (i.e. invasion) in 1974, its empty,
spooky beach lined by abandoned high rise hotels. Could get only so far as
a militarized border fence. Should be timely in light of UN sponsored
"proximity talks" between the two sides that continue in Geneva on January

After going to Girne (Kyrenia), I returned to Turkey by a hydrofoil, which
though not similar in design probably close to the size of the ferry we used
to cross from SF to Marin. I suppose that it riding above the waves at
times made things more smooth, though it didn't seem that way. (Not even
sure those things are to be used on rough seas.) Occasionally when we hit a
big roll the bottom of the boat would drop back down to the sea with a huge,
literally nauseating slap. (The boat equivalent of a belly flop I suppose.)
I think the skipper, to avoid the roughest of the seas, cut directly over
to the Turkish coast, which we then followed east to the port of Tasucu. I
guess it was probably a wise strategy, but more than doubled the time (and
discomfort). Still, especially now consigned to memory, a great experience.

It's snowing here too, pretty hard. First big one for Istanbul, though the
rest of Turkey has been hit hard already. (For example, I was wearing sun
glasses on my train ride back here, to cut down the snow glare.) Most of
the snow now falling seems to be melting on the ground. Besides being
beautiful (from the comfort of inside), my English lesson (I'm the teacher,
believe it or not) was cancelled, so I'm excited to get back to my writing.

Things go well. Thanks for the note.



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<Subject: Letter to Mother and Train trip
<Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:24:47 EST
< Mark; Your letter of Jan 19 to your Mother was wonderful. I can't
<get over the train ride; I figure that the distance from looking at the
<atlas would be at least 400 miles as the "crow flies" and probably close to
<600 miles by rail. If trains ran at that kind of cost there would be
<need for highways in this country but of course we would all be broke
<to pay taxes. Did you fly to Cyprus? Or fly near and boat to the Island?
<I'll bet that was a neat trip. I looked Cyprus up in the Brittanica in the
<computer and saw that the Greeks control the biggest portion of Cyprus as
<as the population is concerned and I imagine you didn't see much of the
<portion. A wonderful trip. I want to get this off so I say----LOVE and
< PS Mother will write tomorrow. It is snowing and supposed to be
<inches by tomorrow and minus 25 wind chill tonight. I think winter has

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