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Subject:Re: Meetings with Sharad Pawar
Cc:james.hughes@enron.com, rob.walls@enron.com, wade.cline@enron.com
Bcc:james.hughes@enron.com, rob.walls@enron.com, wade.cline@enron.com
Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:00:00 -0800 (PST)


These meetings that were set up with Pawar in Delhi were supposed to be
attended by Wade but but he was unable to attend them due to the fact that he
fell sick. No agreements have been reached because there are none that are
contemplated. All we have done is to encourage the GOM to approach the GOI
for reducing their own liabilities. The details you will find in the other
memo I have already sent to you. (I picked up your email after I finished
sending my emails). The approach as u will notice is no different than what
we have been following all along and I believe that you know that already.
If u want further clarification, I am happy to discuss this with you or if u
want to follow a different strategy then please let me know. I am at the
Delhi Oberoi at 91-11-4363030, room 716.

Ken had expressed to me last week that you desired to take charge immediately
and start moving the resolution of the Dabhol issues forward. I agree that
this will be the best way forward. Given the way things are moving, I think
that it would be best that you arrive in Delhi immediately over the weekend
so that I can introduce you to the players on Monday and start transitioning
the relationships to you and Wade. Wade will join the team in delhi as soon
as he is able to travel. Tuesday onwards I have urgent commitments in Mumbai
that require my presence there.

As you can appreciate, your presence in these meetings will be essential for
you to start getting a feel for the situation on the ground and developing
the rapport with the key players. The GOM is clearly driving the train and if
we are to assist them its essential that we not slow them down and assist
them in any way we can.



Rebecca McDonald
11/30/2000 01:13 PM
Skilling@ENRON, Kenneth Lay@ENRON
Subject: Meetings with Sharad Pawar


Through several forwardings of memos it has come to my attention that you had
several meetings this week with Sharad Pawar and reached some agreements. I
understand that a conference call to generate a strategy regarding our
approach to Mr Pawar was cancelled and no one is able to explain to me what
approach you took or what the nature is of any agreements or accomodations
that you may have struck in these meetings. I think it is important that I
and the rest of the task force be involved in the setting of strategy even if
we will call on you to conduct any of the discussions and it is clear that it
is cooperation and coordination is paramount.

Please call or write immediately with a briefing of those meetings and of any
agreements that were agreed to. In the future, I would appreciate better
coordination and discussions on all matter related to Dabhol and to Metgas.
I am available by phone day or night.