Enron Mail

Subject:Re: invitation
Cc:alhamd.alkhayat@enron.com, sherri.sera@enron.com
Bcc:alhamd.alkhayat@enron.com, sherri.sera@enron.com
Date:Wed, 10 Jan 2001 00:53:00 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Fleisher, we are in receipt of your invitation to Jeff Skilling. I am
forwarded (via this email) your request to Hamd Alkhayat for review and

Thank you,
Katherine Brown
Office of the President & COO
Enron Corp.

"Fleisher,Michael" <michael.fleisher@gartner.com< on 01/09/2001 01:43:36 PM
To: "'jeff.skilling@enron.com'" <jeff.skilling@enron.com<

Subject: invitation

< Dear Jeff:
< Thank you for Enron's continued support as a key client of Gartner.
< I am writing today to invite you to participate in an exclusive CEO
< Mastermind Keynote Interview at the Gartner Spring Symposium/ITxpo 2001
< conference, May 8 in Denver, Colorado. This keynote would allow you to
< showcase Enron's technology savvy and prowess to a large and extremely
< influential audience of business executives, technology professionals,
< investors and journalists.
< The keynote will be an intimate, thoughtful, one-hour discussion with two
< cutting-edge, first tier CEOs, and will be moderated by me. Jim Kelly of
< UPS has accepted my invitation and will be one of the two participating
< CEOs.
< Enron's pioneering use of colaborative commerce and the Internet would
< make you an ideal participant in this dialogue. In preparation for this
< keynote, I would visit and spend time with you to ensure that the keynote
< would meet your objectives.
< Now in it's 10th year, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is widely recognized as the
< most comprehensive IT strategy event in the world, attracting the
< industry's leading analysts, strategists and practitioners. With over
< 10,000 attendees each year in the U.S., and more than 16,000 attendees
< worldwide, Symposium/ITxpo is an intense week of learning across the
< technology and business spectrum. Symposium's Mastermind Keynote Program
< is a renowned forum for top business minds to exchange ideas and break
< news.
< We will host between 4500-5000 CXO- and senior-level business and
< technology professionals at Spring Symposium/ITxpo 2001, as well as a
< significant national press contingent. In addition, many Wall Street
< analysts watch this event with interest, as Gartner is the most trusted
< independent voice in the technology industry, and we use Symposium as a
< forum for our views on major vendors.
< Gartner would be pleased to support Enron in any press and investor
< relations opportunities surrounding your participation in our event.
< In recent years we have welcomed such business luminaries as Bill Gates,
< Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy, Michael Armstrong, Steve Case, John
< Chambers, Steve Ballmer and Michael Dell to the Symposium Mastermind
< Keynote Program. This past October at our Fall Symposium/ITxpo I conducted
< a Keynote Interview with US vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman
< (Dick Cheney was also invited but was unable to join us). You can view
< this interview in Webcast format at www.gartner.com/symposium/us; simply
< click on the "Watch IT" banner.
< If you would like, my office can arrange a call between us to discuss this
< invitation in more detail.
< Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to be able to host you this
< spring in Denver.
< Regards,
< Michael Fleisher
< Gartner
< 203-316-6693
< michael.fleisher@gartner.com