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Date:Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:37:00 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy Fellow Maggots,??????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ???????
Thanks to the efforts of Chuck Paul we have added to more brothers to our
Beta message list.? They are: Jim Glass and Clay Coburn.? I'm sure that it
is only a matter of time before I can report that they too will be joining
the party in Dallas.
I've received a couple of ideas for a rendezvous for dinner on Thursday
evening of HC weekend.? The first was from Jim Dent.? He suggests that we
chow down at The Double Tree and Central Expressway.? John Grumbles had
another idea and elaborated:
??????? "Fred: Gordo's is reopened and has the same pizza. I can try to get
us ??????? an area set aside for Thursday night
??????? if you wish. Also, right down the street is the Time Out Tavern,
??????? board , pool, hole in the wall with Harley's.
??????? Last time Woody was there, he had to spend the night at my house;
??????? last time Elvis was there he got into
??????? small encounter that spilled into the parking lot. Could be fun.
Ask the
??????? brothers and I'll set it up."
??????? -kai-
??????? Gbles
Let's hear from some more of you guys that are going to be joining us on
Thursday night.? What do YOU think?
Several have asked where I am staying.? That would be the Crowne Plaza Hotel
in Addison.? Art Kretz too.
Check out the attachment.
BEEK? 549
- Oldfriends7.JPG