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Date:Sat, 9 Sep 2000 00:54:00 -0700 (PDT)

Beta Bros.,?Does anybody remember ALL the words to "Drunken Beta"?? Please
send them to me.? I get through Adam and Socrates and then I start doing a
lot of humming.?Art Kretz sent along some choice vintage snaps.? Check out
"attached".?Mannino can't figure out weather to bring his golf clubs or his
guitar.? What do you think?? Carl Hohl and Elvis have both expressed
interest in DON DOING DYLAN.?Information regarding alumni events and
activities during homecoming weekend?can be found at:?
http://alumni.smu.edu/reunions2000.html?? Elvis is tracking down specific
class reunion stuff and will be sending that along soon.?If you need help
with names after you look at the pictures, scroll down here.?-kai-Beek??????
?????????Victor Argenzio, Bambino Mannino, Bud (Nip It) Nelson John Jones,
Artie KretzArt Kretz, WoodyBuddly and Victor??????????????????????
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