Enron Mail

Subject:Broadband Discussion Opportunity & John Chambers
Date:Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:39:32 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Skilling,

I am the Director of Government Affairs at Cisco and work for John Chambers
on broadband issues. John is currently one of 8 CEOs on a broadband task
force at TechNet that will drive our broadband policy agenda in the US.
TechNet (http://www.technet.org) is a 250+ tech CEO-driven policy/political

We are interested in meeting with the someone in your Broadband Services
Group to discuss some of our ideas regarding a business and policy
strategy, and hoping you could direct us to the appropriate person(s).

Many thanks and regards from John.

Laura Ipsen
Worldwide Government Affairs
Cisco Systems, Inc.
T:(408) 526-6650
F:(408) 853-1598

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