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Kase and Company, Inc. currently has two upcoming classes:
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Derivatives Boot Camp November 5-6, 2001 If you feel like a market casu=
alty after last year's rise in price or this year's decline, don't become a=
fatality. Enlist for some basic training and get ready for the counter att=
ack. The Derivatives Market Buying and Selling Forward Hedging Long and Sh=
ort Positions Hedging Spreads and Basis Volatility and Options Hedging with=
Options Hedging with "Exotics" November 5-6, 2001 Early Bird Discount unt=
il Sept 28 Houston, Texas Click Here for More Information Click Here =
to Register =09 Learn Technical Analysis December 4-5, 2001 In today=
's volatile energy markets, those who are able to make objective buy and se=
ll decisions can make significant profits and greatly improve cash flow. =
Charting Basics, Types of Charts, Support and Resistance When to Buy or Sel=
l When to Exit Based on Signals How to Exit Based on Stops Chart Patterns=
and Forecasting Basics Statistical Hedging December 4-5, 2001 Early Bir=
d Discount until Oct 31 Houston, Texas Click Here for More Information =
Click Here to Register =09

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