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Subject:Enron Expatriates in India
Date:Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:05:07 -0700 (PDT)

John Brindle, David Cromley and others in the Corporate Business Controls group (formerly part of EBS) have been working over the last several weeks to make sure that we can get our people out of Dabhol if there are threats to their safety. While no plan is perfectly reliable (particularly during monsoon season) we believe that we are as ready as we can be.
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From: David Cromley@ENRON COMMUNICATIONS on 06/12/2001 09:18 AM
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Subject: Enron Expatriates in India


I wanted to give you the latest figures on Enron expatriates in India. There are currently 19 Enron expatriate employees based in India, accompanied by six dependants. In addition, Enron has responsibility for 15 expatriate contractors working for DPC and Lingtec, primarily at Dabhol. The total of 40 expatriates for whom Enron is directly responsible is broken down by location as follows: 21 in Mumbai, 16 at Dabhol, and three in Baroda. By company, they are broken down as follows: Enron India - eight plus three dependants; EOGIL - nine plus one dependant; EBS - one plus two dependants; DPC - seven; and Lingtec - nine. These figures are likely to continue to trend downward; Jane Wilson's departure on Friday, for example, will reduce the Enron India expatriate presence to seven plus three dependants.

We are confident that the evacuation plan now in place provides the best possible prospect of successfully evacuating all of these expatriates in the event of danger. As a contingency, the plan also includes the evacuation of all 137 expatriates working at the Dabhol site, although a large-scale evacuation from Dabhol is more problematic, especially now that the monsoon season has started. A coordinated plan was needed since the limited number of available helicopters meant that the evacuation plans drawn up by individual contractors such as Bechtel were all drawing upon the same resources.

As you know, Enron's security situation in India remains stable. We are in the final stages of implementing security upgrades for our employees and offices there.