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Subject:FW: MD PRC Committee
Date:Tue, 26 Jun 2001 15:37:11 -0700 (PDT)


I have a major problem with Ben Glisan being deleted, especially without a chance to comment. I believe he is as critical to the organization as all of the "tier two" members (and has had a larger p/l contribution). If you disagree, I need to know so I can appropriately set his expectations. I look at this list and I cannot discern the standard for inclusion. This standard must be clear and will be closely watched by all employees.


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Subject: RE: MD PRC Committee

Based on feedback Jeff received from the communication yesterday, the list of additional MD PRC members has been narrowed somewhat. Below is a list of individuals that will be invited to join the MD PRC meeting on Tuesday, July 24:

Ray Bowen
Michael Brown
Rick Buy
David Cox
Janet Dietrich
Jim Fallon
Louise Kitchen
John Lavorato
Dan Leff
Dan McCarty
Mike McConnell
Jeff McMahon
Greg Piper
Jeff Shankman