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Subject:FYI: 6th Annual Government Technology Managers Conference
Date:Wed, 20 Jun 2001 15:55:49 -0700 (PDT)


The 6th Annual Government Technology Managers Conference
August 5-8, 2001
Lancaster Host Hotel & Conference Center
Lancaster, PA

* Relevant "public sector" solution models and business case scenarios.
* Business technologies your agency can bet on to produce high payoff
* What management needs to know about the "business case scenarios"
for making "informed business decisions" about these "solution options"
and managing these "business technology" acquisitions & implementations.
* Why, When & How to use "public-private sector solution teams" for
your improvement and modernization initiatives.
* How government agencies are successfully managing the migration paths
and transition stages of their improvement and modernization initiatives.

* Conference sessions are interactive case studies, workshops, and technology
application demos.
* Conference faculty are distinguished public and private sector practitioners.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This is a management decision support, not technical
'bits and bytes' conference. There will be briefings, however, concerning
the nature and potential applications of the technologies to be presented
and discussed at the conference.

Public Sector:

* Policy, Program, Administrative and Enterprise Management *
* Functional, Operational, Planning and Analysis Management *

Private Sector:

Senior Product, Marketing and Technical Support Management from organizations
with proven or demonstrably promising solutions, applications, and

Highlights of the Conference Program
(For Hard Copy Brochure: Contact conferences@iibt.org; 888-832-4428)

Impacts of E.Gov Technology Economics on Government Policy
John G. Sindelar, Deputy Associate Administrator
Office of Electronic Government, General Services Administration

Applications & Business Case Scenarios of Promising Technologies:
Public & Private Sector Perspectives
Mary Mitchell, Deputy Associate Administrator,
Office of Electronic Government, General Services Administration
Amy Wohl, President, Wohl Associates

A Model for Customer Service & System Modernization
Marshall D. Sokol, President, IIBT

Case Study of the Model: The Government Medical Records Management Project
Secure Capture, Management and Exchange of Medical Information/Evidence;
John Sabo, Business Manager-Federal, Computer Associates
Medical Records Security & Privacy Management;
Adam Ashraf Madoukh, Chief Information Officer, Eruces, Inc.
Enabling Technologies and Applications for E-Gov Based Agency Modernization
Trusted Third Party - HIPAA Compliant Records Management & Payments
John Mesko, Vice President, Global Cash Management, Mellon Bank
Post-Relational, XML & E-Forms Enabled, Distributed Data Base
David Loveluck, Engineer, Intersystems Corporation (Cache')

Applying Public-Private Sector Partnerships to Achieve Service Improvement
and Systems Modernization
* Bert Concklin, Associate Commissioner for Modernization, Internal
Revenue Service
Dr. Paul Tibbits, MD, Program Executive Officer, TRICARE, DoD (Ret)
Founding Partner, MAPA Associates, and Director, IIBT

E-Gov Infrastructure and Services: Learning From Other Countries' Approaches
and Experiences
Gordon Jenkins, Director, IIBT-Canada

A Core E-Gov Enabling Technology:The National Wireless Communications
Infrastructure Program
Charles Cape, Director, Special Projects & Programs,
Office of the CIO, Department of Commerce, and Director, IIBT

Securing E-Gov's Infrastructure
Shirley Malia, CIAO - Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office

E-Gov Technology Briefing, Workshops & Business Case Scenarios
Learning Systems
Knowledge Management
Legacy System Performance Improvement Middleware



The Government Technology Management Centers of
The International Institute of Business Technologies, Inc.
A nonprofit educational and research institution for
"Advancing the Technologies Used to Manage the Value
and Performance of Public and Private Sector Enterprises"
(501c3 - independent & publicly supported)

For Further Program, Registration and Hotel Information:
Web Site - www.iibt.org
Toll Free - 888-832-4428

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(a 501c3 Publicly Supported, Independent, Educational Institute)
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