Enron Mail

Subject:Follow up on ViaFone correspondence with you
Date:Wed, 18 Jul 2001 17:07:22 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mr. Skilling,

I am following up on behalf of Mr. Bernard Desarnauts, CEO ViaFone, who
corresponded with you in early July. Bernard would like to set up a meeting
with you to discuss how data & voice mobile solutions can change the way
your company does business going forward - materially lowering your cost
structure, and giving you additional competitive advantage. Direct and
substantial bottom-line impact, within a short period of time, is the focus
of these systems. As you can appreciate, this is a key need in today's

Specifically, at the operational level, ViaFone's business software
solutions will allow you to:

- Lower your cost structure by eliminating critical inefficiencies in your
business processes
- Place key applicable business applications right in the hands of your
employees, customers, and partners
- Break down the barriers that impede the fluid exchange of business
-critical information

With ViaFone solutions, you can design, deploy, and maintain a powerful
breed of mobile applications for your sales, service and supply chain
- Key employees, customers, and partners will instantly receive information
from, and deliver information to, your business-critical systems - including
CRM, ERP, financials, and inventory.
- They can use any communications device - PDA's, voice and WAP phones,
pagers, and more - as well as any voice or data application.

We would like to have a business discussion on this strategic initiative for
your company, and would appreciate your letting us know when we may meet.

Thank you.

Ed Sami

A presentation describing several solutions is attached:
<<ViaFone Mobile Solutions 7 01.ppt<<
Ed Sami
Director, Strategic Accounts
ViaFone Sales

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- ViaFone Mobile Solutions 7 01.ppt