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Subject:HAN Company Contact Info: 6-20-01
Date:Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:41:24 -0700 (PDT)

RosettaMed, Inc.

RosettaMed is an inovative software company whose business is creating and
marketing products that electronically link patients, physicians and
clinical databases to improve healthcare communications, efficiency,
outcomes, quality and satisfaction. There is little doubt that nearly all
medical records will become electronic this decade. Recent reports from the
Institute of Medicine and bills in the US Senate and State legislatures
foretell the coming revolution in clinical documentation. The previous
decade showed that transitioning to EMRs is painful for physicians and their
organizations. RosettaMed products will alleviate the pain by enabling
faster, more accurate and complete documentation that supports both higher
quality care and higher reimbursement for the physician.

John C. Joe, MD, MPH
President, CEO
RosettaMed, Inc.
713 736 4015 Pager

Windjammer Technologies, Inc.

The Windjammer system is a method for processing and packaging fresh meat at
the meat packer level and then shipping it to retail grocery stores
substantially ready for sale to the public. Shifting the packaging function
upstream to the packer level is called "case-ready" packaging. The high
costs associated with processing and re-packaging meat in the back rooms of
retail grocery stores has brought case-ready packaging into high demand.
* Mike Dabney
Windjammer Technologies, Inc.
OFF: 936.327.9044

nXp Technologies
(Internet infrastructure)
nXp Technologies has developed Internet Access Management software that
provides firewall and content screening for the home and small business
market. This software can be configured to operate in a traditional mode of
in a distributed mode to meets the needs of new infrastructure architectures
that will be deployed in 2001 by other vendors like Evolo and WDSL.
Contact: Stan Coffee, scoffee@nxp.com
NXP Technologies
OFF: 713.300.7302

MPRnet is a business-to-business Application Service Provider specializing
in management tools and associated consulting services. Because labor costs
comprise anywhere from 40% to 65% of controllable costs in a service
environment, daily management of labor is imperative. MPRnet provides a
tool that enables managers at all levels to more predictably forecast labor
needs, thereby dramatically reducing these costs.
Contact: Monte Tucker, mtucker@wt.net

Glenn Dubin
Director of Business Acceleration
Houston Technology Center
1200 Smith, Suite 2940
Houston, TX 77002
Phone 713-658-1750
Fax 713-668-1744