Enron Mail

Subject:HBS Ballot Letter
Date:Fri, 18 May 2001 10:50:54 -0700 (PDT)

Dear HBS Club Members:

My term as President of the HBS Club of Houston is rapidly nearing its
completion. Thank you for helping make it a wonderful year and a great
experience for me.

The Directors and Officers have worked hard instituting new programs in an
effort to make membership in the club a valuable experience. We began the
year with several goals:

? Increase membership by offering a more varied program of interest to a
broader cross-section of alumni
? To increase average event attendance by having renowned speakers talk on
provocative topics
? To increase participation from a number of segments within our club
? Young Alumni (less than 10 years since graduation)
? Non-MBA alumni
? To change the experience to allow more relationship building among alumni

Our hard work has paid off and we owe our members many thanks for their
support and confidence. Membership this year approached 300 people, up
from 268 the prior year. Attendance per event is up 14% over historical
averages. We have added two new programs the breakfast club and the
social hours. Breakfast club membership stands at 42, exceeding our
expectations. Social hour participation averages about 15 to 20 while
showing signs of acceptance and growth.

I would like to thank the officers for their assistance and support. Each
of them has worked hard to make this a great year for our members.
? Sean Daichman - Treasurer, Breakfast Club and Energy Finance Panel
? Nisha Desai - Monthly Socials
? Anuj Gupta - Dot.com Panel
? Kim Kehoe - Monthly Socials, Bob Stobaugh event
? Steve Latham - Venture Capital Panel
? John Meckert - Applicant Reception
? Stuart Page - Website
? Elliott Smith - Directory

I would also like to thank our Board of Directors. They have provided
valuable direction for improving the club's value to its members. In
particular, I would like to thank our outgoing directors - Chuck Bratka,
David Daniel, Cathryn Rodd and Susan Rheney. I would also like to
recognize Osmar Abib and Kevin Bartol for helping to organize and ensure
the success of the breakfast club.

Finally, I would like to thank Dottie Kerr for helping with all of the
administrative support. Organizing events is a critical function with many
details to make things run smoothly. Dottie and her daughters eased the
burden on the club's officers substantially.

We have worked with the nominating committee of the Board to identify a
slate of officers and directors for next year. We believe that those
people on the ballot will continue to build the club into one of the
premier alumni clubs in the country.

To simplify the voting process, if you choose to vote by e-mail, you may
vote for the entire slate of officers and directors by typing the word AYE
followed by your name on the Subject line before replying to Dottie.
Otherwise, please complete the ballot and fax to 281-424-4770 or email
dottie@kerr-solutions.com by June 8, 2001.

Thank you again for your support and for allowing me to serve you during
the past year.

Kindest regards,

George Laflin

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