Enron Mail

Subject:Image of Enron in India
Date:Mon, 16 Apr 2001 17:59:00 -0700 (PDT)

Respected Sir,
I'd worked with Enron India for 18 months and I'd admired the company for quite some time. Finally I got the opportunity to work with Enron in India and being an Indian I thought it would be privilege for me to serve my home country working in such a respectable company. I really enjoyed my stay but I found Enron India opposite to my belief. I would like to share with you few experience to help you take some steps to safeguard the image of the organization and prevent its further damage.

? There has been no standard policy for anything like travel, compensation, accounts and few old anchors of Enron India who were having very close proximity with CEO (Sanjay) had been enjoying the kingdom with their own methods.
? New Delhi office has been the best example of high level of unprofessionally and corruption especially in office Administration where concerned executive used to take undue advantage of the strong relationship with CEO and lack of procedures and guidelines. I'd seen Admin Manger misusing office cars, mobile phones in abundance.
? Being a liaison office and less proximity from Mumbai office, a Sr. VP had created a well protected fort where nobody could raise any resistance even if one clearly just to realize that these people have so strong roots.
? Admin person used to take all kinds of favors to give them orders despite better competitors. This includes AC contractor, CAR dealers, carpenters and other office suppliers.
? An admin Manager (Jaya Kumar) has got assets worth three times whole life compensation is worth considering to prove the fact the all is not well with Enron India with so many such people around.
? Although lots of improvement has been done during the past 4-5 months by HR and present CEO (WADE) but still these people could survive and instrumental in leaking confidential information to ex-CEO/Media and making good money.

I believe Enron is a very reputed and professional organization and my sentiments are still the same but considering the sensitivity of situation under current circumstances, somebody should keep a watch on Sr. VP and Admin Manager duo who had been together for almost 8 years (They were together even before joining Enron India) and audit all the transaction done by them for the last couple of years.

A well wisher and admirer for Enron

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