Enron Mail

Date:Wed, 2 May 2001 20:05:00 -0700 (PDT)

Mr Skilling,

I would like the opportunity to talk to you at some point to discuss your vision and goals for the Broadband
Operating System (BOS), and strategic development in general in Enron/EBS.

Since EBS is currently focused almost exclusively on short-term tactical delivery (which it should be), I'm not
sure how strategic efforts like the BOS fits into those goals. Balancing these tactical vs. strategic goals is
becoming _very_ difficult. Indeed, because of the current customer-specific tactical deliverables, there is
very little strategic development going on in general in EBS. Yet I know that BOS is still a very important

I want to make sure we're doing everything we need to do to support your goals and vision for EBS.

It would _really_ help me if I could hear a little bit more about your short/med/long term goals for the BOS,
and perhaps some of your thoughts about EBS' technology and products in general. Then we could discuss
ways to properly balance the tactical and strategic efforts to achieve those goals.


On a different topic, I understand that you are currently thinking about potential projects for the Xcelerator.
And I understand that you are focusing on technical products and capabilities that do not overlap the current
& past initiatives at other business units. I think that there are many great opportunities in that approach.

I have seen a number of very interesting product concepts from various people in Enron that
would fit that model perfectly. And I'm sure there are many many more. As a sample, I've attached
a short document listing just a few of the technology-focused ideas that I have heard about.

I also included the idea of commercializing BOS as a stand-alone product on that list. Perhaps this is
one way that BOS could continue developing within Enron without interfering with the current tactical focus.
Obviously, EBS would still be the primary customer for BOS no matter how it is developed.

....just a thought....

Thank you for your time.



Lawrence A. Ciscon Enron Broadband Services, Inc.
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