Enron Mail

Subject:New Scanner
Cc:jskilli@enron.com, ermakfdy@aol.com, tskilling@tribune.com
Bcc:jskilli@enron.com, ermakfdy@aol.com, tskilling@tribune.com
Date:Sun, 12 Aug 2001 17:19:57 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mark; With the help of my instructor I got a copy of your Turkish
article. Can you mail me a translation as I am a little rusty with my
Turkish. Also I am assuming that is a piece of chalk in your hand as I
assume you don't want me to give you a lecture on the dangers of smoking
The telephone number of the Comfort Suites next to Payton's is
I also got your E-mail with the Flight number--- thank you. Tell
Sukran we are looking forward to meeting her next month. We will not be at
the airport as we couldn't get close to you until you get through customs and
you will want to pick you car up then. If for some reason you would like us
there just say the word and if you do get held up at the airport give us a

Please keep us up to date on any new developments. We are interested on
what is going on at the Istanbul law office particularly how they may effect
your position.
Mother and I send Lots of Love and Kisses to You and Sukran. DAD