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Subject:New StreetSmart Pro(R), Now With Trading!
Date:Mon, 30 Jul 2001 16:38:11 -0700 (PDT)

Schwab's Premier Trading Software Just Got Better!
StreetSmart Pro--the desktop software available at no
charge to active traders like you--has added powerful
integrated trading, advanced risk management and account
management tools to its suite of streaming, real-time market
data tools.
Thousands of Schwab's active traders have discovered the
benefits of interactive charting, real-time streaming news
headlines and Nasdaq Level II quotes. Now StreetSmart Pro has
added powerful trading technology to the quote window, so you
can find opportunities and submit equity and option trade
orders without switching between applications. StreetSmart Pro,
powered by CyberTrader*, is fast and convenient--Schwab's next
generation trading tool.
And there is more: manage your accounts from the traders
cockpit, create sophisticated conditional orders to help lock
in profits or limit losses, and get streaming, real-time order
status in the new message window. Find out more about the new
and improved StreetSmart Pro, visit the StreetSmart Pro Center
by clicking below, logging in, and clicking on the StreetSmart
Pro link. Be sure to take our new on-line tour to see all of
the new features.http://schwab.ed10.net/ud/VO1V/LSTT/MJHT/LE/RN78KH
You can download and install StreetSmart Pro today. Just visit
the StreetSmart Pro Center and click the Download button. http://schwab.ed10.net/ud/VO1V/GY3P/MJHT/28/RN78KH
And to help get you started, the Traders Education page in the
StreetSmart Pro Center has on-line courses to get you familiar
with the market data tools and trading power of Schwab's
premier active trading software.
Please contact your dedicated Signature Services team if you
need further assistance.
* CyberTrader
Inc. (Member SIPC/NASD), an affiliate of
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., provides technical services for
StreetSmart Pro
, a Schwab product.
** StreetSmart Pro is available to domestic, non-professional,
Signature Services Platinum clients who made at least 120
commissionable trades over the previous year and have at least
$50,000 in assets at Schwab. If your trading activity falls
below certain levels, Schwab reserves the right to charge a
periodic fee for making StreetSmart Pro available or to
restrict access to Level II quote and Time and Sales
information. This offer may be subject to additional
restrictions and may be changed at any time. Available for
IBM compatible PCs only.
The speed and performance of streaming functionality may vary
depending on your modem speed, ISP connection and the number
of securities you maintain on your watch lists. A Pentium
266MHz or better processor, 128MB RAM or more and a 56K or
better modem, DSL or cable modem is necessary to receive the
best experience available for streaming quotes and/or news
on StreetSmart Pro. Access to electronic services may be
limited or unavailable during periods of peak demand, market
volatility, systems upgrades or maintenance, or for other
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