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Subject:Noble Systems Executive Update
Date:Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:30:20 -0700 (PDT)


Trust all is well. Attached is our latest press release for Dynamic Campaign Builder (DCB 2.6) which enables non-programmers to develop and implement even complex contact center applications. Our 2 day DCB training class is given every week in Atlanta.

Also, we are announcing another new sales promotion starting this week: Buy Now and Start Paying in 2002. If you'd like the details, please advise and I'll forward them to you.

Noble Systems is part of the SR Teleperformance group, a $700+ Million Teleservices conglomerate with over 120 call centers and 16,000 employees. And our combined growth continues to be strong! After last year's significant expansions, overall sales revenues for this most recent quarter are up again some 31% over the same quarter last year.

Among many financial advantages, our business relationship with Teleperformance also provides us with a comprehensive research and development environment for testing new technologies and software applications, within actual customer operations, prior to full-scale market release.

During the past 12 years Noble Systems Corporation has moved to the forefront in providing the world's best "total solution" value in call center and customer contact technology. 10,000+ agents at more than 500 client installations, conduct business from feature-rich Noble Systems workstations. Over 2 million customer calls are managed every day utilizing our Predictive Dialing in conjunction with our ACD, Blended Call Processing, Digital Recording and IVR capabilities.

If you have not done so recently, please check out our yet further improved website at www.noblesys.com Among other enhancements, you will appreciate the new Search capability; simply enter keyword(s) and you can quickly get to the items of interest including our expanded library of customer success stories.

Again, our network-wide Graphical Manager workstation software is setting entirely new thresholds of effectiveness and productivity for managing agents and campaigns! You can now include each agent's picture on your real time production displays. Our next release will enable you to lay out these agent icons on your management displays into the same floor plan as your center - depicting each agent where they are actually sitting.

Jeffrey, have a great week and whenever I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call me.

Dan Donaldson
Noble Systems Corp.
407-248-3400, 888-4-DIALER

- DCB 2.06 Press Release.doc