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Date:Thu, 31 May 2001 04:04:52 -0700 (PDT)

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Petroleumworld.com Weekly Review May 20-May 26 [IMAGE] THE WEEK TOP NE=
WS Venezuela's Silva: Prices adequate moving within the band no need to=
hike output Venezuela oil basket up 87c from previous week Photo: Globovi=
sion [IMAGE] Venezuela's Energy Minister Alvaro Silva Calderon By Elio Ohe=
p PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, May 26 Full story US Congress Approves Bush Tax=
Cut AP/Roberto Borea [IMAGE] U.S. President Bush Caracas, Mayo 27 Full st=
ory Venezuela's oil profits triple to $9.53-bil in 2000 [IMAGE] Caracas=
, May 26 Full story Espa?ol Pemex "Inefficient," Energy Minister Says RE=
FORMA/Tom?s Mart?nez [IMAGE]Secretario de Energia de Mexico Ernesto Marten=
s Caracas, May 25 Full story Espa?ol US Cheney: Energy plan goes foward =
[IMAGE]US Vice President Dick Cheney Caracas, May 25 Full story Pride Int=
l. and Marine to merge into the industry's third largest offshore drilling =
contractor [IMAGE] Caracas, May 25 Full Story PPCC Chairman Meets Venezue=
lan President Photo: People's Daily [IMAGE] Li Ruihuan,China's chairman CP=
PCC Caracas, May 25 Full Story PDVSA to shut 195,000 bpd crude unit at Cura=
cao refinery June 4[IMAGE]Caracas, May 24 Full Story China to undertake =
E&P work in Venezuela, buy Orimulsion [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Cha=
vez and China's President Jiang Zemin, Caracas, May 24 Full Story OPEC =
seeks $28 target Photo : CNN [IMAGE] Caracas, May 24 Full story India's =
Reliance to buy 30 mill. Barrels of crude per year from Venezuela Photo: R=
eliance [IMAGE]India's Reliance Industries Managing Director Mukesh Ambani=
New Delhi , May 23 Full story Espa?ol Venezuela's H.L. Boulton: CSX Wor=
ld Terminals to acquire 50 percent of Puerto Cabello TPS[IMAGE] Caracas, Ma=
y 23 Full story Venezuela to help build Bangladesh energy, gas, IT sector=
s Photo: The Bangladesh Observer [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez w=
ith President Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina C=
aracas, May 23 Full story Venezuela's Chavez says oil prices are perform=
ing as expected [IMAGE] Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Caracas, May 23 F=
ull story Chavez's Unfinished Revolution Photo AP [IMAGE]Venezuela's Pr=
esident Hugo Chavez PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, May 22 Full Story Venezuela=
's PDVSA, Reliance sign oil, refining MoU [IMAGE]India's power plant in Da=
bhol Caracas, May 22 Full Story / Espa?ol Venezuela's PDVSA:To invest $=
45-billiones next five years [IMAGE] Caracas, May 22 Full Story / Espa?ol=
Venezuela's PDVSA: LNG project decision expected in 2003 [IMAGE] Caracas, =
May 22 Full Story Venezuela's Chavez: OPEC will not increase output Phot=
o INRA [IMAGE]Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Moha=
mmad Khatami Caracas, May 21 Full Story US Vice President Chenney: "Qui=
et" discussions with OPEC ministers are been held [IMAGE]US Vice President =
Dick Cheney Caracas, May 21 Full story Iran's Zanganeh: No need for OPEC=
to change output at June [IMAGE]Iranian oil minister Bijan Zanganeh Caraca=
s, May 20 Full story This week top ISSUES... Inside, confidential and of=
f the record Exchange controls ? Full Story May 24 More... To read =
all ISSUES... articles please click here Prices May 25 Update: Ma=
y 26/24:00 GMT/20:30 ET IPEBrent Spot 05/25 $28.98 WTI Cushing Spot 0=
5/24 $ 28.08 IPE Brent Futures Front Month 05/25 $28.48 WTI Nymex=
FOB Cushing Front Month 05/24 $ 28.38 Venezuela oil Basket $ 22.8=
3 week May.24 vs $ 21.95 prev. week Opec Crude oil basket $ 27.26 week=
May.24 vs. $ 26.55 Prev. week OPINION DJ Latin Beat Foreign cos pla=
ce new bets on Latin America Story / May 22 Previous: Other Opinion artic=
les FOCUS-ANALYSIS-RISKWATCH Impact of Bush Energy Plan on Energy Tec=
hnology Stocks Story / May 26 Your very own oil well, or at least a pi=
ece of one Story / May 25 Pemex, PDV Lock in US Oil Sales With Refining =
Deals Story / May 22 IRAQ SOMO: Planning Full June Loading Program Desp=
ite UK's Sanctions Proposal Story / May 21 Previous focus- analysis-int=
erviews The Sunday's Petroleumworld Opinion Forum: viewpoints in oil & =
international politics. Washington? What's The Secret? By Mazhar Al-Shere=
idah Petroanalysis Venezuela Oil & Diplomacy May 2001 Stor! Sunday's Fe=
ature he Borowitz Report:The United States of Halliburton? Story / May 2=
4 Drill, Grill and Chill By MAUREEN DOWD The New York Times PETROLEUMWORL=
D Caracas, March 20 Story Previous articles INTERVIEWS OPINION: Wha=
t the new energy policy means to oilfield services stocks Robinson-Humph=
rey, David Lee interviews Oilfield Services analyst Tom Ecott about the new=
Energy Policy May 26 / Full story Previous interviews EVENTS "LN=
G's Role in North American & Caribbean Gas Supply" conference June 27-29 Ma=
y 15/ Story Petrobras to reveal new procurement strategy May 14/ Story =
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