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Subject:RE: Flood Relief
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Date:Thu, 26 Jul 2001 09:32:06 -0700 (PDT)

Please allow me to take a moment to express our my gratitude to Enron for a=
ssisting us (my wife, 2 daughters and me) in our desperate time of need. A=
lthough many in Houston were affected by Tropical Storm Allison to a degree=
worse than we, still we were in dire need of help. Enron, the outstanding=
company that it is, came through for us.

My family and I have been displaced from our home, and the sum total of our=
worldly possessions now fit inside 1 half of a 2-car garage. Enron has he=
lped us begin to put our lives back together, and I can think of no more el=
oquent or appropriate way to express our gratitude than to simply say, "Tha=
nk you."

The immense pride I feel being a part of the most innovative company in the=
world has increased 10 fold.

My most sincere thanks,

Keith Clark

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Cc:=09Siegel, Misha
Subject:=09Flood Relief

Enron hopes that you and your family have begun to recover from the effects=
of Tropical Storm Allison, and that you were able to utilize the financial=
assistance provided in June to aid you with your flood relief efforts. =20

In order to accurately track and document the funds distributed, we are ask=
ing for all documentation demonstrating how the funds were spent. By Wedne=
sday, August 15, 2001, please send all copies of your documentation via int=
eroffice mail to Laura Herrera, Community Relations (EB 1635B) or via U.S. =
mail to:=20

Community Relations (EB 1635B)=20
1400 Smith Street=20
Houston, Texas 77002-7361

If you have any questions, please contact Misha Siegel via email. =20

Below is an example list of acceptable documentation. =20

Acceptable forms of documentation:
o=09Receipts for all repairs=09=09
o=09Pictures or a videotape of your damage
o=09Written inventory of your losses
o=09Proof of loss filed with insurance company, if applicable
o=09Temporary housing receipts (e.g. hotels, motels, etc.)
o=09Receipts for replacement of damaged goods (e.g. furnishings, clothing, =
bedding, floor coverings)
o=09Insurance appraisals and/or damage repair estimates
o=09Other documentation you deem appropriate=20