Enron Mail

Subject:Thank you, Corp!
Date:Sun, 12 Aug 2001 16:07:41 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you, Corp!

Friday's United Way Appreciation Lunch was great fun. Team Corp and their amazing Lego structure, which won an award for being the Most United, made us proud. Congratulations to all of the team members: Ed Coats, David Gorte, Bob Hermann, Amy Kim, Mark Palmer, Greek Rice, Chip Schneider, Jim Steffes, Mike Terraso, Dennis Vegas.

Now let's show all of Enron that Corp employees are as generous as we are bold, smart, ambitious and innovative.

At Friday's lunch, we received a little challenge from Stan Horton, CEO of Enron Transportation Services. He's betting homemade cookies that by close of business on Monday, August 13 ETS will have a higher percentage of their overall goal than all of the other business units. I do not want to be up all night baking chocolate chip cookies for Stan, so I think we need to accept his challenge and blow ETS, EWS and EES out of the water!

The good news is that to date, Corp has raised $506,743, which is about 65% of our total goal of $785,000.

The bad news is that only 21% of Corp employees have participated in the campaign so far.

If you are part of that 21% that has already given to the United Way, THANK YOU. Your contribution makes a difference right here in our community.

If you haven't made your contribution, you still have time. Please log on to <http://home.enron.com<; and click on the United Way link today to make your contribution. You'll need your GIS number to make your contribution. Your GIS number is an eight-digit number that starts with a 9.

If you don't have your GIS number and password or need assistance with keying in your contribution, please call Kathy Mayfield at ext. 3-3264.

Please remember that contributions made last year don't automatically roll over to this year. You'll need to log on and make another contribution this year.

Your contribution to the United Way has an impact on one out of every two lives in the Houston community. Don't miss the opportunity to play a role in Building Houston's Future.