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Subject:The Morning Market Call - Monday June 18th, 2001.
Date:Mon, 18 Jun 2001 10:52:12 -0700 (PDT)

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Good Monday Morning - Comments From The Local Guys!

On Friday, it was reported that Industrial Production fell by 0.8% in May,
after falling a downward-revised 0.6% in April. Additionally, Capacity
Utilization fell to 77.4%, its lowest point since August 1983. This data
increases the odds of a 50 basis point interest rate cut from the Federal
Reserve at the June 26/27 meeting.

The 30-year US T-Bond yield is 5.68%.
The 10-year note yield is 5.22%.
The 5-year is trading at 4.67%.
Spot crude oil is trading at $27.82 p/b.
Natural Gas - Henry Hub - is trading at $4.08 p/mcf.

AD Time:

New Federal Insider-Trading Rule (Rule 10b5-1) have been adopted by the SEC
under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This rule greatly enhances an
insider's/employee's ability to trade his/her corporate shares during
blackout periods.
Previously, without the protection of this new SEC rule, employees and
insiders could safely trade only outside of designated blackout windows.
Under this new rule, insiders/employees may have the ability to purchase and
sell their corporate shares even during blackout periods if a written plan
was established and in force when the insider/employee was not in possession
of material, non-public information.
The new rule contains other restrictions and should be reviewed carefully.

Lehman Brothers has established a turn-key plan that take into account the
regulatory procedures for establishing such a plan. Please email us or
call us for more information.

Lehman Brothers' Research.


Neurocrine Biosciences(NBIX) 1 - Strong Buy M. Wood, .212.526.4035
Initiating Coverage with a Strong Buy (C)
Price: $34.42 EPS 2000 N/A -$1.30 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $46 - 14 EPS 2001 N/A -$1.73E N/A N/A
Mkt Cap: $874.3MM EPS 2002 N/A -$1.24E N/A N/A
FY: 12/31 Price Target N/A $60
Rank N 1
*We are initiating coverage of Neurocrine (NBIX) with a Strong Buy rating
and a 12 month price target of $60.
*Lead product NBI 34060 could take a meaningful portion of the insomnia
market, currently worth an estimated $1.5 billion. We
expect this product to enter Phase III later this year.
*Neurocrine has a particularly strong pipeline for a company of its size.
This includes CRF Antagonists for the treatment of anxiety,
depression and IBD, as well as two cancer products.
*Near term potential catalysts include announcement of further Phase II data
on NBI-34060 (July) and two new corporate partnerships
*Our EPS forecasts in 2001-05 are $1.92 loss, $1.24 loss, $1.78 loss, $1.35
loss, $0.79 and $3.77.


McDonald's Corp(MCD) 1 - Strong Buy M. Speiser, .212.526.3255
Disappointing Outlook - Interim Update Review
Price: $28.67 EPS 2000 N/A $1.46 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $35 - 25 EPS 2001 $1.38E $1.38E $1.49E 20.8
Mkt Cap: $38.0B EPS 2002 $1.53E $1.53E $1.67E 18.7
FY: 12/31 Price Target $38 $38
Rank 1 1
*The outlook is disappointing so the turnaround time is delayed. However, we
lowered our EPS forecast primarily due to Cost issues
& ForEx, not Sales & the worst appears to be over. Maintain 1-rating & $38
9-12 month p-target
*Mgmt guided 2Q EPS to $0.34-$0.35, -10 to -13% vs. Street of $0.38. Full
yr, All-in guidance now at $1.40 vs. our low-end view of
$1.46; Constant $ '01 EPS guidance now flat, reduced from +6-10%, Forex '01
run-rate now -$0.06/shr. We cut our 1) 2Q EPS view
to $0.34 2) '01 EPS view to $1.38 & 3) '02 forecast to 1.53, +11%
*Silver linings; 1) 2Q Constant currency (K$) EPS s/b improved from 1Q &
forward 2) K$ system sales +6% ytd & 3) Unit growth
remains Unch. So 1Q EPS appears to be trough & issues are more cost related
(beef, energy) & FX, not Sales
*Maintain 1-rating & $38 9-12 mo target; target P/E now about a 10% premium
to S&P, still within 5-yr ranges. 1Q the worst,
visibility on '02 rebound & New mgmt to fuel P/E

Fannie Mae(FNM) 1 - Strong Buy B. Harting, .212.526.3007
18% EPS Growth This Year; Trades at 14 Times '02 EPS (A)
Price: $80.66 EPS 2000 N/A $4.28 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $89 - 48 EPS 2001 $5.00E $5.05E $5.05E 16.0
Mkt Cap: $80.7B EPS 2002 $5.70E $5.75E $5.70E 14.0
FY: 12/31 Price Target $95 $95
Rank 1 1
*We reiterate our 1- Strong Buy rating on Fannie Mae and our price target of
$95. FNM has delivered 14 years of consecutive double
digit earnings growth, and our new EPS estimate represents 18% growth this
year. And yet, the stock is trading at 14 times our 02
*Fannie Maes monthly number showed strong purchase commitment volume, an
excellent net interest margin and very strong credit.
We are raising our 01 and 02 EPS estimate by $0.05 each.
*OFHEOs annual report was released on June 15, which concluded that FNM
exceeded safety and soundness standards in every
category examined. These categories included credit risk, market risk,
operational risk and corporate governance.
*We also reiterate our 1-Strong Buy rating and $75 price targets for Freddie
Mac. FRE also passed OFHEOs annual examination, and
we expect the company to deliver 20% EPS growth in 01. It is currently
trading at 14 times our 02 EPS.

QUALCOMM Inc(QCOM) 1 - Strong Buy T. Luke, .212.526.4993
Update: 3Q Appears On Track w/Modest Expectations (A,C)
Price: $49.37 EPS 2000 N/A $1.05 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $108 - 43 EPS 2001 $1.05E $1.05E $1.04E 47.0
Mkt Cap: $39.8B EPS 2002 $1.29E $1.29E $1.33E 38.3
FY: 9/30 Price Target $85 $85
Rank 1 1
*Following recent sector weakness across the wireless equip. group, we
thought it timely to provide an update on trends at wireless
innovator QUALCOMM. We maintain our 1 Strong Buy.
*While market conditions remain subdued, we believe that demand remains
in-line w/QCOM's modest earnings guidance, revised post
2Q01. We believe revs & EPS in 3Q of $627M & $0.21 remain achievable. 3Q
chipsets likely to be approx. 14M in period, w/range
of 70-80M units for CY01.
*We consider subscriber growth trends in major CDMA markets in Japan, Korea
& US are trending broadly in-line w/01 ests.
*Catalysts for stock in 2H01 include 1x roll-outs, spin-off (expected
Sept/Oct 01), licensing deals w/NOK, ALA & Siemens. Target


Exodus Communications(EXDS) 2 - Buy H. Blount, .212.526.9128
Meeting with Management (C)
Price: $4.61 EPS 2000 N/A -$0.54 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $69 - 4 EPS 2001 -$0.65E -$0.65E -$0.61E N/A
Mkt Cap: $2.4B EPS 2002 -$0.19E -$0.28E -$0.16E N/A
FY: 12/31 Price Target $15 $9
Rank 2 2
*We are maintaining our Buy rating but reducing our 2002 revenue forecast
and price target.
*EXDS management recognizes the challenges ahead and is making progress on
multiple fronts.
*We believe the 2Q conference call will be critical to reigniting equity
interest in the company.
*Churn peaked in March and has trended down sequentially, however, the macro
environment remains challenging. Therefore, we are
reducing our 2002 revenue forecast from $2.5B to $2.0B and our price target
from $15 to $9.
*EXDS has $1.1 billion in cash and $450 million in remaining bank lines
available. We continue to believe the company will receive
a waiver on its bank line covenants.
*We believe the previously announced cost reductions and lower capex will
allow the company to reach cash flow positive. However,
the company must begin demonstrating progress in 2Q01.

Carnival Corp(CCL) 3 - Market Perform F. Kantor, .212.526.5562
Expecting Downward Revisions for Remainder of the Year
Price: $26.40 EPS 2000 N/A $1.64 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $35 - 18 EPS 2001 $1.62E $1.62E $1.66E 16.3
Mkt Cap: $15.5B EPS 2002 $1.85E $1.85E $1.93E 14.3
FY: 11/30 Price Target N/A N/A
Rank 3 3
*The current economic overhang coupled with an aggressive capacity build-out
for at least the next 3 years leads us to maintain our
cautious outlook on the industry as a whole.
*CCL reports 2Q01 EPS on Thurs 6/21. Our EPS est of $0.30 vs $0.32 (in line
with the street) assumes a net yield increase of 3%.
Given anecdotes of pricing weakness in the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe, we
believe that our net yield outlook is too high and thus
our cruise revenue est of $1.08bn (vs $845.3MM) is at risk. CCL could meet
our EPS est, though, given lwr op exp per PPCD,
SG&A or interest expense.
*While CCL's 10.5% retreat from its recent high of $30 seems to imply that a
2Q disappointment is factored into the stock, we
maintain that further downward net yield revisions could cause the shares to
trade closer to their July 2000 levels implying a stock
price of $22.

CVS Corp(CVS) 1 - Strong Buy M. Adler, .212.526.7146
Strong Overreaction = Buying Opportunity
Price: $47.55 EPS 2000 N/A $1.80 N/A N/A
52 Wk Ra: $64 - 33 EPS 2001 $2.10E $2.10E $2.10E 22.6
Mkt Cap: $19.5B EPS 2002 $2.45E $2.45E $2.42E 19.4
FY: 12/31 Price Target $66 $66
Rank 1 1
*Friday, a sell-side competitor downgraded and lowered estimates on CVS
based on a survey his team conducted. This survey was
conducted to attempt to further explain the recent deceleration in pharmacy
comps that began in March and concluded that shortage
of pharmacy staff and the EPIC pharmacy system were to blame.
*CVS countered these conclusions and stated the weaker flu and allergy
seasons, the lack of blockbuster drugs introduced, and the loss
of a managed care contract all contributed to decelerating pharmacy sales
*While we acknowledge that CVS is experiencing a labor shortage in a number
of its markets, we do not believe this is a new
phenomenon. This is an industry-wide issue that all drug stores are and will
continue to experience into the future.
*The stock is down tremendously as a result of the downgrade. We believe
this is an over reaction and view this as a buying
opportunity. We reiterate our 1-Strong Buy and maintain our estimates of
$0.52 for 2Q01 and $2.10 for FY01.

David C. Morris
Sr. VP Lehman Brothers

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