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Subject:Use Our Expertise with Microsoft Technologies
Date:Mon, 20 Aug 2001 21:16:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jeff,

I know that you are busy and I appreciate your time. If you think that I need to speak with another person within EoExchange, Inc., please let me know how I should contact them.

Being an end-to-end solutions provider in ebusiness, LiveTechSolutions has had extensive experience, past as well as current, employing an experienced force working over many onsite as well as off shore projects that are Microsoft functional.

Success Story #1- B2B MARKETPLACE
Mediprocure is a leading provider of Internet software and services that web-enables core supply chain functions for healthcare manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and buyers. It is also Asia's most comprehensive B2B procurement marketplace.

The client sought to offer an open level, neutral B2B marketplace that would enable suppliers and buyers to effectively automate and manage complex product sales, service, and distribution channels over the Internet.

LIVETECH developed a state-of-art WAP enabled architecture that would seamlessly integrate online transactions between the consumer and the client data center infrastructure.

Technical Environment:
Hardware: IBM Compatible PC.
Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000
Tools: Visual InterDev 6.0, Dream weaver
Languages/Scripts: Java, Applets, Java Media Framework 2.0 and HTML
Gateways/Servers: Waplite, YOSpace

Streamlined efficiencies, reduced sales costs, dramatically enhanced profits, and improved customer relationships. As a result of savings in time and resources, companies embracing Mediprocure's ASP model also tend to gain unprecedented access to new customers and markets throughout the world.

Client Reaction:
"What is commendable is LiveTechSolutions' deep understanding of the healthcare value chain. Their technical, functional and communication competency helped us achieve our time-to-market strategy."

Please let me know of a convenient time to contact you and schedule a more in depth conversation about our expertise with microsoft technologies.


Miles Armstead
LiveTech Solutions
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