Enron Mail

Subject:Video Webcasting
Date:Wed, 20 Jun 2001 18:16:31 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sirs:
I am writing to you to seek an audience with you to discuss a streaming media
project called VoteAcrossAmerica.com. This project is designed to bring the
democratic process into the hands of the people using TV on the web. It is a
campaign, candidate and voter concept that is only possible because of the
web and its ability to stream video. It is a perfect vehicle for Enron
because it demonstrates what the web and video can do together that video off
of the web cannot do - make quality broadcasting mediums accessible and to
the masses, as viewers AND programmers. I am a webcaster who has "The
Official Webcast from the Chicago Stock Exchange Floor". We are TV on the
web, financial newscasts 3 times daily. You can view the quality of our
webcast at http://www.itsaboutfinance.com. Our voter project is an
opportunity for Enron to establish a substantive presence deep into local
communities via local issues and politicians; and then to expand that
presence to other broadcasting opportunities. I am coming to Enron because I
know that you understand innovation and the opportunities that broadband has
over traditional broadcasting outlets; as well as its unique personal (up
close) and interactive nature and thus enormous potential to encroach upon
the broadcasting 'territories' of broadcast, cable and satellite TV. I hope
that you are interesting in discussing this opportunity. Thank you for your
time. .. Carol Davis.