Enron Mail

To:kenneth.lay@enron.com, jeff.skilling@enron.com
Subject:Visions and Values,
Date:Thu, 23 Aug 2001 13:23:47 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Lay,

My name is Jynell Scott Holliday. I was hired to work contract at Enron (E=
CT) in April, 1997. I was contracted to work in the IT department as a He=
lpdesk Coordinator. I worked very hard to prove myself and exceeded the ti=
me limit given to me to which I had to complete my project. With that I was=
very innovative. I created forms to make the environment move in an effi=
cient manner. In January, 1999, I was hired by Enron (EES) to work at thei=
r helpdesk as a technician. I then proved myself to be worthy and capable =
of completing any task provided to me. The requirements composed of an (Se=
rvice Level Agreement) SLA of first call resolution. I did not have a prob=
lem with the requirements as noted in my evaluation.

In April 2000, the decision to transition to IBM was presented to me. I wa=
s very pleased with working at Enron and I was very disappointed about the=
transition. I did not want to go work for IBM. Not because IBM was a bad=
company but because I thought Enron was a great company. The visions and=
values concept that Enron diplayed really made me feel safe and comfortabl=
e as long as I was doing my job, to which I was. I was, also, told by a VP=
during the beginning of the transition that "If anyone did not won't to g=
o to work for IBM they did not have to." I took the statement literal. I=
attempted with all my power to stay with Enron. After trying vehemently t=
o stay, I was told that I did not have a choice and I had to go with IBM o=
r unemployment. I still continued to find out what I could do to get a j=
ob back at Enron. I applied for multiple jobs and I rarely heard from anyo=
ne. =20

Well, as you know, the IBM contract is gone. I tried again to be replaced =
back at Enron as an employee. I did everything I could to be rehired by En=
ron. I was interviewed, however, It was unprofessionally handled. Afte=
r all this I have seen the values be misplaced. I have had experience w=
ith Enron and I would like to know why it I was not rehired. I have never=
been told that I did not do a good job. The reason I am writing this lette=
r to you is to find out why I was not chosen to continue what I started an=
d wha it would have taken to keep get a job at the company I had so much re=
spect for. Since, I was still at Enron working on the IBM @ Enron projec=
t, I have been a loyal, respectful and an innovative employee and I would =
like to know why I was not given the opportunity to get a job here. This r=
eally concerns me. I know that you are not obligated to reveal this infor=
mation however nothing has been communicated to me and I feel that this is =
something that anyone would need an answer to since my work ethics are expl=
icable and I my records reflect that I would have done a great job for Enr=

Jynell Scott Holliday