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Subject:Wireless access to Outlook and your corporate network
Date:Tue, 24 Jul 2001 23:03:32 -0700 (PDT)

Mr Skilling
Can Cisco, Adaptec and ExciteAtHome all be wrong?
All are evaluating Aqivo software from Mobile Airwaves
(http://www.mobileairwaves.com/), which provides access to corporate
applications, email, contacts, calendar, etc., from any internet-enabled
cell phone, PDA or Blackberry (Blackberry users, plase see
http://www.mobileairwaves.com/rim.html). We even afford them the ability to
open documents and forward or fax them to others.
I am contacting you because I know your organization could also benefi, and
I'd like to give you the opportunity to see our product in action with our
free, 30-day evaluation. All with no obligation to you.
Aqivo delivers real-time wireless access to your corporate data with the
industry's easiest to use, most scalable and cost effective solution that
virtually guarantees productivity increases from your organization's mobile
professionals. ROI can be achieved by helping your associates boost
revenue, increase customer service, raise their productivity, make decisions
in real-time and much more.

* Your mobile employees could be using Aqivo to read their
email/attachments, get documents from their desktop and view customer or
sales information - all from the wireless device of their choice.
* Installing Aqivo takes less than 30 minutes -- you'll be up and
running the same day. And it's just as easy to maintain and administer.
* Mobile Airwaves also offers a complete suite of professional
services and education to help you achieve and maintain maximum

I will follow up with you shortly to discuss this opportunity with you.
Thank you for your time.

Brian Stammler
Account Executive
Mobile Airwaves
v. 415.252.9393 x400
f. 415.252.9343
e. brians@mobileairwaves.com

"Your handheld is your desktop"
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