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Subject:YPO eNews-Special Edition
Date:Fri, 20 Jul 2001 11:41:25 -0700 (PDT)


[IMAGE] Highlights from the YPO International Board of Directors Meeting [IMAGE] The YPO International Board of Directors gathered for its semi-annual meeting in early July. For information on resolutions and other actions, visit http://www.myypo.org/boardnewsjuly2001 Please visit http://www.ypo.org for additional information on all YPO programs and services. Directions on how to use the Web link: Hold your mouse pointer over the link and left click on your mouse, opening your Web browser directly to that link. If it does not connect you, open your Web browser and copy/paste the link to the browser. Remember to have your YPO User ID and password ready. If you do not have this information or have difficulties, please contact the Global Services Center at 1-800-773-7976 or 1-972-650-4600. If you received this by fax, we do not have your email address on file. Please contact the Global Services Center to update your member record Speical Edition