Enron Mail

Subject:Ziff Energy Group - 2001 Mid-Year Update
Date:Thu, 2 Aug 2001 12:00:45 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings! I want to keep you informed (I will be brief) relative to Ziff Energy Group's latest/new products and services. Hopefully it will be of interest and stimulate some thought on where we could possibly assist you.
Multi-Client Studies
Just completed - Beyond the Midwest (110 pages)
Comprehensive analysis of natural gas dynamics in Northeastern US and Eastern Canada through 2006
****NEW - The North
Study will focus on the project options and impact in Western Canada and US with coming of significant volumes of natural gas from Alaska and/or Northern Canada. Will have scenario analysis utilizing the GPCM model with projections to 2015. Study will be completed/available this coming winter.
Gas Retainer Services
Recently completed topic reports this year include the following:
Scotian Shelf-An emerging North American Supply Region
Canadian Gas Completions
Outlook for Natural Gas in Mexico (with George Baker)
Western Canada Gas Production Prospects

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We invite you to select one topic on a complimentary basis. Please let me know which you'd like to receive.
Topic Reports underway for the rest of 2001:
Coalbed methane prospects in Canada
Future prospects for gas-fired electricity generation
North American gas pipeline projects
Outlook for North American gas supply and demand
LNG prospects

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Consulting Services
Recent assignment - Canadian gas export scenarios
PNW Conf - October 2nd in Portland
PNW2001: Current Realities and Future Expectations; Discussion of regional issues - Strong slate of speakers
Calgary - NA Gas Strategies Conference - Nov 5 - 7, 2001
Nov 5 - 6 The Future of Western Canada's Gas Supply: Stretched to the Limit?
Nov 7 eSolutions for the E&P Sector: Redefining the eProposition
see www.ziffenergyconferences.com for details
Give me a call (713-985-5196) or email (rford@ziffenergy.com) if you have questions or want more detail on the above, or visit our Website - ziffenergy.com.
Let us help you solve your current gas challenges. Thanks for your consideration! Look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Ron Ford