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London, United Kingdom

in association with NASDAQ, "Business Week", CNBC, "Nature" and

Dear Mr. Jeffrey Skilling,

It is with great pleasure and a grand sense of history that we write to
notify you that you have been nominated for the 2001 World Technology
Award for Commerce.

The Nominators for the Award include:

Dr Gerhard Fasol
Professor Soumitra Dutta
Professor Chong-ji Choi
Mr David Ticoll

The World Technology Awards process is designed to identify those who
are the most innovative people in the technology world. They are about
honouring those who are doing the work of the greatest likely long-term
significance for business and society. And, they are also a vetting
process for invitation to the World Technology Summit.

This year not only will be having the second Awards ceremony on the
evening of this coming July 2nd at the National Museum of Science &
Industry here in central London, but we will also be holding the first
World Technology Summit next door on the campus of Imperial College of
Science, Technology & Industry on July 1st and 2nd. The Summit will
occur over those two days, capped on that final evening by the
presentation of the second annual World Technology Awards at the UK
National Museum of Science & Industry. Although a minority of the
Summit delegates will be non-members, selected by a rigorous "by
application only" process, the majority of the few hundred delegates
will be WTN members (primarily Winners, Finalists, and Nominators for
last year's World Technology Awards 2000 cycle). As a nominee, of
course, you NOT REQUIRED to pay a registration fee to attend.

Finalists and winners in each category will be announced at the Awards

course, as a nominee, your Summit registration fee is waived), please go
to the following website address:

<<<<< http://www.wtn.net/Summit2001/ <<<<<

We look forward enormously to seeing you at the World Technology
Summit. Congratulations on your nomination. You are a maker of
history and this Summit is definitely history in the making. Please do
not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Neil J. Davison

Assistant to the Chairman & Membership Manager
On behalf of James P. Clark, Chairman,
The World Technology Network
Telephone: +44 (208) 983 3068
Email: neil@wtn.net


in association with NASDAQ, "Business Week", CNBC, "Nature" and

What is the World Technology Network (WTN)?

WTN is a global association of some of the most important and innovative
people in the technology world, focused on making a wide range of
emerging technologies (info. tech., biotech/medical, new materials,
energy, communications, and space-related technologies, etc.) happen
sooner and better than they might have otherwise. WTN is made up of not
just of the technologists, but also the financiers, marketers,
journalists, policy makers, etc. -- all of those who have a role, at one
time or another, in making technological concepts come to fruition. We
are identifying the people who will likely play a key role in the
technological drama over the next years and decades and bringing them
together to create relationships that will accelerate the application of
these technologies. We are trying to increase the chances of the 'happy
accidents' which can occur when cutting-edge ideas, entrepreneurial
people, and institutions with vision collide to create innovation. We
like to say that our main goal is 'encouraging serendipity.'

Who is a WTN member?

WTN's membership is primarily composed of laureates of our World
Technology Award program, who are selected through a rigorous process
involving over 100 nominators and judges. It includes leading technology
and business innovators such as Steve Jobs of Apple, John Chambers of
Cisco, Masayoshi Son of Softbank, etc. These are the people driving the
future and they are the sort of people brought into the Network. Other
Finalists or Winners for the 1999/2000 World Technology Awards, who
were, therefore, inducted as members, included: Jeff Hawkins/Donna
Dubinsky (co-creators, Palm Computer) for IT-Hardware; John Sulston
(Director, Sanger Centre) for Biotechnology; Dave Thompson (founder,
Orbital Sciences) for Space; Amory Lovins (co-founder, Rocky Mountain
Institute) for Environment; Geoffrey Ballard (founder, Ballard Power
Systems) for Energy, etc. A full list of the laureates can be found on
the WTN web site (http://www.wtn.net). The WTN membership is truly
extraordinary and the WTN membership is the core of who is invited to
the World Technology Summit.

What is the World Technology Summit?

The World Technology Summit is an historic two-day gathering (July 1/2,
2001) of several hundred of the world's key technology players -
scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, financiers,
journalists, and policy-makers - to explore and catalyse the emerging
technologies that will have the greatest impact upon industry and
society in the 21st Century and to create the relationships which will
help those technologies and the companies behind them to succeed. The
Summit brings together Network Members, Fellows and other specially
invited delegates to think deeply about emerging technologies - how they
will likely impact tomorrow on today's industries and those industries
yet to be born. The Summit will cover six key technologies -
information, communications, materials, energy, biotechnology/medicine,
and space - as well as developments in the other related areas - of
finance, marketing, policy, etc. - which determine whether a good idea
ever becomes more than an idea.

Where Will the World Technology Summit Be Held?

The Summit will be hosted at one of the most prestigious scientific
institutions in the world -- Imperial College of Science, Technology,
and Medicine in London. Located in the beautiful South Kensington area
of London, nestled amongst the National Museum of Science & Industry,
the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Royal
Albert Hall, Imperial College was recently ranked second, above Oxford
University, in the UK university league tables. Sir Richard Sykes, the
new head ("Rector") of Imperial College, who also serves as Chairman of
the newly merged GlaxoSmithkline, will be actively participating in the
Summit, both as a speaker and in his role as "host."

What about the World Technology Awards?

The last evening of the Summit will be capped by a gala ceremony during
which we will present the second annual World Technology Awards,
recognising those involved in technology who are taking the actions and
making the decisions with the greatest likely long-term impact on
business and society.

Awards are given in 24 categories. The World Technology Award for:

information technology/hardware information technology/software
communications technology biotechnology
space health & medicine
energy materials
policy entrepreneurship
design the arts
media & journalism finance
commerce marketing communications

law transportation
environment education
entertainment social entrepreneurship

ethics Innovator of the

Each of the cutting-edge Award finalists and eminent nominators will be
invited to be key participants in the World Technology Summit, and
simultaneously will be given membership in The World Technology Network.

Are the World Technology Summit and the World Technology Awards truly

There has never been a gathering of so many of the leaders of so many
technological fields in one place at one time before in history. They
will be there not because they were paid to be there or because they
have to be there, but because they have been selected by their peers to
honor each other. They are gathering to meet the only group of people
with whom they do not have to be on the defensive - other people equally
or more innovative than each of them believe they are themselves. Only
that level of "elite"-ness can create the intrigue that cuts through the
usual and defines the historic.

What about the World Technology Awards ceremony?

This year's (2001) World Technology Awards ceremony will be held in the
new Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum, immediately adjacent to the
World Technology Summit site on the campus of Imperial College. The new
wing is the largest museum facility in the world devoted to new
technologies and it's a wonderfully appropriate site to recognise
history in the making. An interactive exhibit is also being developed
which will enable thousands of Museum visitors to vote and comment on
Finalists for the World Technology Awards during the week leading up to
the Awards on the evening of July 2nd.

The physical Awards themselves are also worth noting. Richard Meier,
the world-famous architect, is designing them as contribution to these
initiatives. Meier's most renowned projects include, among many others:
the Getty Center in Los Angeles; the High Museum in Atlanta; the
Frankfurt Museum for Decorative Arts in Germany; Canal+ Television
Headquarters in Paris; the City Hall and Central Library in the Hague;
the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona; and, the Church of the Year
2000 at the Vatican.

What's the Summit agenda?

The World Technology Summit will feature leading speakers from both
technology and industry, all the way from the laboratory to the
boardroom; Mostly drawn, of course from the WTN membership. The Summit
will consist of both plenary meetings and breakout sessions. Keynote
speakers will provide a visionary overview of the interacting roles of
technology and business. Session speakers will provide insights into
their own particular specialty. Panel speakers will intellectually
challenge each other in open session. And, all will contribute to a
stimulating debate. The World Technology Summit is a gathering where ALL
participants are key players with a crucial role to play in the
unfolding drama of technology.

Sessions will focus on a range of goals -- providing a good grounding in
all six of the major emerging tech. areas; on networking opportunities
for participants; and, on developing new ideas for new businesses, new
corporate initiatives, new partnerships, and even new industries.

A primary feature of the Summit will be a series of 23 concurrent
two-hour breakout workshops in each of the Award categories. These
Summits-within-the-Summit will be made up of the delegates themselves.
As each of them are amongst the key leaders globally in their own field,
simply gathering them in a room creates an important mini-summit...
catalytic in and of itself.

Another very exciting feature of the Summit will occur just before its
conclusion. All of the delegates will be assigned to work in small
roundtable groups of ten. Their charge: to create an ideal emerging
technology based business for the 21st Century. Each roundtable group
will include an assortment of top-level expertise and will be given a
topic/field in which to focus. We expect more than a few new lines of
businesses, joint ventures, investment and acquisition strategies, and
even altered career paths to grow out of what with any ordinary group of
people would just be considered a simple "exercise." All Summit
delegates and sponsors/partners will, of course, receive outlines of all
of the new "businesses" created.

We also working on organising a plenary session focused on social and/or
environmental "global challenges". The potential for substantive social
partnership between the WTN membership and organizations active in
addressing global problems is enormous. We do not intend to waste the

Whether it's the plenary sessions, the Summits-within-the-Summit; the
new business creation process, or, of course, the ongoing interaction
within the Network throughout the year... what happens when you bring
together the people who are creating the future and who are changing the

We'll soon find out....