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Subject:eProcurement is Here!
Cc:erin.abdelnour@enron.com, shelley.robbins@enron.com,angela.roberts@enron.com, john.gillespie@enron.com, raul.davila@enron.com
Bcc:erin.abdelnour@enron.com, shelley.robbins@enron.com,angela.roberts@enron.com, john.gillespie@enron.com, raul.davila@enron.com
Date:Sun, 1 Jul 2001 19:12:29 -0700 (PDT)


I am pleased to announce the launch of iBuyit eProcurement within Enron Corporate. Many of you are already using eProcurement. Effective today, employees throughout Corporate will begin to use eProcurement to purchase IT hardware and office supplies.

This is a significant milestone in the Enron-wide cost saving effort. This new tool enables us to watch our expenses and take advantage of preferred suppliers. The use of eProcurement ensures that all of us are spending our company dollars wisely.

This is only the beginning, and eProcurement has the potential for unlimited growth. Be sure to provide the iBuyit team with feedback to ensure that eProcurement is a valuable and integral tool to your purchase activities.

I encourage you to visit the iBuyit Portal today to logon to eProcurement, to access training information and materials, and to learn more about Enron's business-wide cost savings opportunities: http://ibuyit.enron.com
Note: To logon enter your User ID (P number) and Password (initial password is ENRON1).

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