Enron Mail

Subject:eThink About It: 07/30/01
Date:Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:47:05 -0700 (PDT)

Karen Denne, vice president of Public Relations, received some interesting questions about Enron's dealings with the media in her eSpeak session on July 24. Here's one of them:

I am new to Enron, and the "pie in the face" incident occurred just after I began working here. I have had several friends ask me about that. My questions are: 1) How did we "spin" this issue (i.e., the problems with Cal. AND the fact that we got pie thrown on one of our main players) 2) Was he mad about it, or did he laugh it off? 3) Is this a pie incident kind of a good thing, because it gets people talking about the issues and Enron or do we look silly?

Want to know how she responded? Check out her full eSpeak transcript at http://ethink.enron.com/eSpeak/exec/default.asp.

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