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Thursday, June 14, 2001 Issue 30 EDITORIAL Putting the brakes on Re=
gulations The past few weeks have brought home the reality of just what =
sort of environment energy companies are working in. For all the talk abou=
t deregulation across the globe, it's become increasingly apparent that go=
vernments aren't quite willing to give up their control over energy supply=
and distribution. In Europe, EDF's expansion plans have been put on th=
e hot seat by various governments not too thrilled about the idea of the =
French company becoming a major player in their backyards. Enron's recent =
problems in India only serve to highlight that while Asia remains an impor=
tant place for investment, governmental red tape remains a major impedimen=
t. The Brazilian energy crisis has brought the Brazilian government back =
into the mix with a vengeance. And in the US, California is having a fine =
time going after a number of energy companies on charges of price fixing. =
It would seem that the energy companies can't catch a break wherever they =
term (even mother nature seems to be having fun at their expense with the =
recent flooding in Houston with my namesake Tropical Storm Allison). It=
's not all doom and gloom however. Record profits and investment in the en=
ergy stocks only go to show that the energy industry is a resilient lot. =
--Allison Robertshaw, Editor CASE STUDY Latin America and the Energ=
y Economy The dawn of the 21st Century signals a shift in Latin America =
to an "Energy Economy". However, the pathway to the new economy is plagued=
with potholes in the form of political unrest, decades of poor planning,=
hydroelectric projects on the verge of drying up, on again-off again dere=
gulation efforts, and impending gloom in some power sectors. In spite of =
many headlines pronouncing doom and gloom there are many bright spots on =
Latin America's energy horizon. As the old saying goes "there are many ros=
es among the thorns". Not the least of those roses is the sector's abundan=
t oil and gas reserves, estimated at some 137 billion bbl... Click here fo=
r Full Story FOCUS The Sun Rises On Alternative Energy The winds o=
f change are blowing in the energy sector, particularly in the field of r=
enewable energy. Renewables, especially solar are set to grow dramatically=
over the near term as the industry comes to grips with the depletion of f=
ossil fuels and the power shortages plaguing much of the globe. The renew=
able energy sector is expected to grow as much as 28.5% per year over the =
next five years according to reliable sources. It should be noted however=
, that renewables are not expected to be a major threat to conventional oi=
l and gas as most of the world and virtually all of the industrialized... =
Click here for Full Story INSIGHT Preparing for the (Uncertain) Fu=
ture Technological advances, along with increased merger activity, clearl=
y have increased the complexity of the energy industry dramatically during=
the past decade. Complicating the scenario is the fact that energy manag=
ers are more accountable to shareholders and shareholder value than ever. =
The change has been tremendous. In upstream E&P, for example, the concept =
of the customer, much less shareholder value, didn't exist five years ago.=
Toward this end, a company's ability to present itself in a good light is=
paramount; to do so requires a reasonable ability to predict company per=
formance in the near future. Headquartered in London, Celerant Consultin=
g (formerly Cambridge Management Consulting) helps oil and gas companies =
manage these and other challenges they face. Among the fourteen-year-old c=
ompany's clientele are... Click here for Full Story ADVERTISEMENT =
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EVIEW Smart Meters Lower Reduce Operating Cost, Satisfy Increased Demand =
for Electricity Internet based metering technologies make it easier and m=
ore affordable for power companies to satisfy the rising demand for electr=
icity. Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Orga=
nizations (RTOs) can now deploy Web-enabled meters and software to suppor=
t their ancillary services, and can choose demand response programs as ine=
xpensive alternatives to spinning reserve requirements. Web-enabled tool=
s, such as... Click here for Full Story DTE, Samsung Techwin Form Korea=
n Energy Venture A new venture, energy|now, will be launched by Korea-ba=
sed Samsung Techwin and DTE Energy. DTE will provide its distributed gene=
ration technologies, mini and micro grid expertise, and its energy|now br=
and, while Samsung will offer access to customers, sales offices and marke=
ting infrastructure, and logistical services. Click here for Full Story =
Russia Proclaims Solar a Top Priority Dimitry Strebkov, The director o=
f the All-Russia Institute of Agriculture Energy, has said that Russia has=
"breakthrough" technologies in all major areas of solar power engineering=
, and that the country can compete with foreign achievements in the field.=
The Ministry of Industry and Science will provide funding in 2001 for t=
he construction of a solar power plant using solar concentrators at the Gr=
ibanovo testing range, also known as the design bureau SOLTO. This is one =
of the five Russian projects in the field of untraditional renewable sourc=
es... Click here for Full Story Enron Considers Shuttering Of Second Ph=
ase of Dabhol Plant Enron, in cooperation with lenders to its Indian uti=
lity, is strongly considering shutting down the $2 billion second phase of=
its giant Dabhol Power plant. Enron spokesman John Ambler, said Thursda=
y that the entire $3 billion project is in jeopardy with the second phase =
being more 90 percent complete The second phase of the plant is critical a=
nd would almost triple Dabhol's power-generation capacity to about 2,100 =
megawatts, or enough power to... Click here for Full Story Wireless Web=
Network Monitors 2 Million Miles of Pipelines San Jose, Calif. An Austi=
n, Tx., June 4, 2001---Aeris.net and American Innovations are teaming up t=
o help protect the environmentally sensitive areas and local communities f=
rom hazardous pipeline leaks and explosions by using Aeris.net's wireless=
telemetry network services and American Innovations Bullhorn Remote Moni=
toring System to remotely monitor over 2 million miles of pipelines throug=
hout North America. "More than 2 million miles of pipeline weave across =
the U.S., transporting all sorts of hazardous... Click here for Full Story=
President Bush vs Renewable Energy, Truth stranger than Fiction Rece=
nt statements by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney regarding the Administra=
tions Energy Policy, appear to show the administrations bias toward big oi=
l. Some claim the vice president showed a decided lack of vision when he =
said recently "Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is n=
ot a sufficient basis for a sound comprehensive energy policy." Renewabl=
e advocates claim it is time to move forward to renewable energy sources a=
nd leave... Click here for Full Story Oil Giants Clash Over US $35 Bill=
ion Merger The merger of giants Chevron and Texaco as beset with delays =
as Texaco and Shell squabble over the sale of assets. The dispute is rais=
ing concerns of the US Federal Trade Commissions about Texaco and Chevron=
's combined refining and marketing operations in California, where they ow=
n five refineries and control more than 25 per cent of the retail petrol m=
arket. Texaco has been in talks with its partners... Click here for Full =
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isfy Increased Demand for Electricity [IMAGE] DTE, Samsung Techwin Form K=
orean Energy Venture [IMAGE] Russia Proclaims Solar a Top Priority [IMA=
GE] Enron Considers Shuttering Of Second Phase of Dabhol Plant [IMAGE] Wi=
reless Web Network Monitors 2 Million Miles of Pipelines [IMAGE] Presiden=
t Bush vs Renewable Energy, Truth stranger than Fiction [IMAGE] Oil Giant=
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