Enron Mail

Subject:increase your pr!!
Date:Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:47:06 -0700 (PDT)


I gather you have an internal staff that currently handles your PR
needs. If you are interested in learning about the possibility of taking
advantage of the resources of a well-connected PR agency, we should talk.

I am confident that S & S can generate editorial
coverage that will influence your distribution and sales.

I believe S & S Public Relations can be influential in making sure your
press releases get the attention of key editors and analysts.

Our experience includes B2B and B2C solutions in the web-development tools,
e-commerce, e-business, communications, wireless, networking, storage and
security arenas.

The advantages of hiring our firm are the media and analyst contacts we
have already
established. We know what works to get you more product and corporate
coverage to, basically, take you to a higher PR level.

Our system is in place to capitalize on editorial calendar opportunities
and schedule important appointments at trade shows. We can position you as
a source for trend stories in the industry.
In addition, we can secure coverage that will influence the investor community.

Included in our services are media tours,
interviewing for user stories to be a part of the
PR strategy and corporate PR; i.e., telling your story to top high-tech
magazines, national business magazines and newspapers.

I thought you may be able to use our expertise.
I would be happy to meet with you at PC Expo.

Best Regards,

Jill Abramson Vice President
S & S Public Relations
1-800-287-2279 ext 238