Enron Mail

Subject:trip to Spain
Date:Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:19:20 -0700 (PDT)


it was great to see Rebecca and you last night. I was sorry to hear about
your water damage, but thankfully it stayed out of the house. I am
attaching some stuff about the trip to Spain, that you might find useful.
You will find quite a bit of it in your Spain guide. Furthermore, I am
going to start thinking about a diving trip to the Caribbean in November.
You need to take about five days to make it worth while ( you can't dive on
the last day, on account of nitrogen levels in your blood stream). It will
be up to you to get certified in the meantime. The way I would do it (and
actually did) is to go to the Presidente Intercontinental in Cozumel and go
to their dive shop, Scuba Doo, for a three-day course.

I am scheduled to hear from the firm about my partnership election over the
next couple of days. I'll let you know what happens, one way or another. By
the way, I put your name on a list of references, so they might have
called. If they did, many thanks for taking the time and forgive me for not
telling you in advance.

All the best,


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