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Date:Mon, 14 May 2001 06:02:00 -0700 (PDT)

Current Notes User:

To ensure that you experience a successful migration from Notes to Outlook,
it is necessary to gather individual user information prior to your date of
migration. Please take a few minutes to completely fill out the following
survey. Double Click on document to put it in "Edit" mode. When you finish,
simply click on the 'Reply With History' button then hit 'Send' Your survey
will automatically be sent to the Outlook 2000 Migration Mailbox.

Thank you.

Outlook 2000 Migration Team


Full Name: Jeffrey K. Skilling

Login ID: jskilli

Extension: x3-6894

Office Location: EB5007

What type of computer do you have? (Desktop, Laptop, Both) Desktop

Do you have a PDA? If yes, what type do you have: (None, IPAQ, Palm Pilot,
Jornada) Yes, Palm Pilot

Do you have permission to access anyone's Email/Calendar? No
If yes, who?

Does anyone have permission to access your Email/Calendar? Yes
If yes, who? Sherri Sera, Joannie Williamson
Are you responsible for updating anyone else's address book? No
If yes, who?

Is anyone else responsible for updating your address book? Yes
If yes, who? Sherri Sera, Joannie Williamson

Do you have access to a shared calendar? No
If yes, which shared calendar?

Do you have any Distribution Groups that Messaging maintains for you (for
mass mailings)? No
If yes, please list here:

Please list all Notes databases applications that you currently use:

In our efforts to plan the exact date/time of your migration, we also will
need to know:

What are your normal work hours? From: 8:00a To: 6:00p

Will you be out of the office in the near future for vacation, leave, etc? No
If so, when? From (MM/DD/YY): To (MM/DD/YY):