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Date:Mon, 26 Jun 2000 00:22:00 -0700 (PDT)

"I haven't failed. I've found 10,000 ways that don't work." - Albert
Einstein; NASDAQ slides again - down 91 - DOW up 28; H&Q downgrades EBAY
(Ebay Inc) (down 4 5/16) from strong buy to buy; AMZN (Amazon) (down 8 1/8)
falls on cautionary comments from Lehman; ACCL (Accelerated Networks) (up 32
7/8) IPO priced at $15; TWX (Time Warner) (down 4 1/16) shareholders approve
AOL (America Online) (down 4 1/8) purchase; CMGI (CMGI Inc) (down 3 1/2) on
earnings warning - CS First Boston cuts to hold from buy; CAG (Conagra Inc)
(down 1 3/8) buying IHF (International Home Foods) (up 5 1/4); Rumor - NOK
(Nokia Corp) (down 3 5/16) to buy QCOM (Qualcomm) (down 1 7/8); RMBS
(Rambus) (up 17 9/16) on Hitachi settlement; KOOP (DrKoop.com) (up 29/32)
receives $1.5 Million; HGSI (Human Genome) up 10 1/16; SUNW (Sun
Microsystems) down 5 7/16; VSAT (Viasat) down 5 1/4; MSFT (Microsoft) down 2
1/8; BRCM (Broadcom) down 3; AMAT (Applied Materials) down 3 1/6; BMCS (BMC
Software) down 2 1/16;

MO buys Nabisco

AOL, TWX deal - regulators taking closer look.

AMZN* - hit hard (down 19% on analyst comments) - company says
report was wreckless.

SNE - Palm device debuts on Tues.

Liberty Media - biggest shareholder in European Cable and TV giant -
United GlobalCom.

NY Times - delays tracking stock.

USA Networks - interactive business in one division - to go public.

Citrix - Chairman quits - management re-org - stock hit 18%.

Recording industry - younger people buying less music as older
people buy more.

Freeserve and Deut T - deal off.

YHOO - put your company intranet with us.

Dreamworks - record label takes online submissions.

INTC - new Celeron chips (AMD's made their new chip announcement
last week)/ also INTC opening software development center in Russia.

Mattel - nixing software that stirred privacy concerns in their
interactive games.

TXN - buys Alantro - wireless local area networking co.

Oxygen Media - closintg two shopping sites.

More Chinese Net co.s coming to Nasdaq - Netease.com and Sohu.com.

Vivity - video over corporate network - gets $4.5 million - HLIT is

QXL - real challege to Ebay* in Europe.

Overview of "Digital Livingroom" in WSJ - new devices are confusing
- interactive TV and Videa coming as is home networking. (PROX mentioned in
home networking article).

Broadcom - positive article in NY Times.

Electronics Retailer 800.com - pulls IPO.

EXP.com - matches consumers and executives with experts,
counselors..... gets $33 million 2nd round including backing from Ask

EK - online photo printing.

BRCD* - mentioned positively on CNBC.

Latest round of dot com layoffs - Urban Box Office's Indie Planet
and Pseudo.


Tangible Asset Galleries (art and rare coins) buys Gavelnet.com
(Collectables from network of Galleries).

NY Times Page 1 Sunday - Online retailers stop offering endless
bargains - watching bottom line (Dan Ries has been saying this for weeks).

Frank Quattrone - super-star tech banker at First Boston - part of
new deal is in house high tech fund - will do VC work.

Barron's Cover Story - Roundtable group half-way through the year
overview - positive on wide variety of companies - Abby is still bullish
also likes Merck, C and Wells Fargo/ Some think CSCO, Nokia and Nortel are
overvalued/ other picks - Chris Craft, Modine Manufact., MONY Group,
Flextronics, Polaris Industries, Exxon, Royal Dutch, Apache, Anadarko,
Burlington Resources, Novartis, Roche, AXA, UPM Kyrmmene, Nomura, McLeod
USA, ABGenix, Gemstar-TV Guide, Furniture Brands (mentioned by 2 seperate
people), Georgia Pacific, Eserline, ITT Industries, Metlife, Edwards Life
Sciences, BTU International, Ross Stores, Comcast, Kellwood, AK Steel, D R
Horton, Navistar, Parkervision, Impath...

WSJ Heard - was T's Wireless deal an IPO - question not academic -
was pre-deal trading okay?

KOOP - $1.5 million loan from merchant bank.

There is talk: CSCO for RBAK?/

C.E. Unterberg Towbin: Futurelink Roadshow in San Fran./ Paul
Rodriguez marketing in Mid-Atlantic.

Kimberly Breslauer - great job writing this letter last week.

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